Anthony Weiner Made A Lot Of Money Off You, Before His Sexting Arrest

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Anthony Weiner today pled guilty to one count of obscenity, after he had spent years talking to underage girls and sending inappropriate photos of himself under the nickname "Carlos danger".

But there is no need to cry for Mr. Weiner, as he is made plenty of money off of the taxpayers through lobbying and other politically connected activities.

As you probably know by now, Mr. Weiner was arrested after twice being caught communicating with women over twitter, sending obscene and appropriate pictures. He reportedly engaged with minors, sending them nude photos of his private parts.

But like most politicians, after he left government, he set himself up for a very comfortable life, according to The Squander.

Upon leaving Congress in 2011, Weiner set up a lobbying firm in his own name, where he quietly earned hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars helping companies in the energy and healthcare sectors.

Apparently, Weiner set up his lobbying business so that it took advantage of a loophole and didn't need to disclose what it did.

In fact, in the one year between his leaving Congress and his mayoral run, he and what his wife disclose that they had earned half a million dollars, mostly due to his lobbying work.

Since then, Weiner has done other lobbying work, and he is also written columns and appeared on television.

Meanwhile, his wife Huma Abedin, also earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from politically connected entities.

Using her relationship with the Clintons, Abedin was able to secure several hundred thousand dollars from Clinton/DNC political groups, including one firm, Teneo, which is often mentioned in Wikileaks documents.

Overall, The Squander estimates that Abedin and Weiner are worth over $15 million. That's quite a lot of dough for Weiner to live off of -- even if he never gets another job again.

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