WTF? Scaramucci Isn't Gone, He's Making A TV Sitcom!?!?

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Unfortunately for decent people everywhere, TMZ is reporting that Anthony Scaramucci has decided to go Hollywood.

That's right, he's making a sitcom, and at least one major Hollywood producer thinks that's a good idea. The site reports that he's looking to make a sitcom a la 'Spin City' (remember that?) where Scaramucci fights the evil swamp.

The title? Either "Attack of the Swamp Monsters" or "10 Days in July." It's unclear if he's referring to himself as the attacking swamp monster, but hopefully he is.

Apparently it's either going to be a sitcom or possibly a feature. Perhaps he's gonna start fighting monsters like the Star Wars kid?

It's unclear how far along the idea is, although it is clearly far enough along that it has a potential title. Maybe he can get Kato Kaelin involved and Rebecca Black, and they'll have a "5 minutes of fame" reunion.

Even Sean Spicer thinks he's above this; at least if he joins Dancing with the Stars, he'll be on a real show.

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