Stormy Daniels Agreement Suggests Possible Donald Trump 'Paternity' Questions

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The Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels story has been covered very thoroughly in the media -- especially since the latest court filing in which Daniels tries to argue that the contract she signed with Trump's lawyer is invalid.

But there's one extremely interesting part of the story that doesn't seem to be getting a lot of coverage.  That part of the story comes from a passage in the alleged agreement, which states this: 

Ms. Daniels must keep confidential the following (bold added):

All intangible private information (i.e., information not generally available and/or known to the general public) relating and/or pertaining to DD [Trump], including without limitation DD's business information, familial information, any of his alleged sexual partners, alleged sexual actions or alleged sexual conduct, related matters or paternity information, legal matters, contractual information, personal information, private social life, lifestyle, private conduct

Separately, the contract also refers to DD (Trump's) "alleged children", saying that any information about "his children or any alleged children" must be kept confidential.

Although it's possible that this is just an extremely tightly worded contract that Trump's lawyer put together, or that he basically took a similar contract and didn't fully modify it, it's also possible that there is more to this than was originally thought.

If there is some sort of "paternity information" that Stormy Daniels is aware of, that could become an explosive story if Daniels can shake off the NDA she signed.

The media has made a big deal about pointing to references to photos/images/recordings in the contract as evidence that there may be some tangible material that Daniels has on Trump.  However, they have mostly ignored the paternity clause.

We will have to see going forward if something more specific comes out of this.

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