Nutjob Alex Jones Starts Hilarious #CNNIsFakeNews Campaign

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In today's "pot calling the kettle a pot" file, we have nutcase in chief Alex Jones, who has decided to start a CNN is Fake News campaign, and boy is it something.

That's right: the guy that brought you such greats as #Pizzagate and who (still) insists that the UN is a "space cult" that makes kids gay is now calling out CNN. In a post on his website, Jones created a contest to call out the "criminal cabal controlling humanity":

The intent of the contest is to encourage YOU, the listener, to realize that YOU have the power to save civilization from the criminal cabal controlling humanity and its fake news propaganda machine called CNN.

We need to come together and remind the world that CNN simply regurgitates globalist propaganda thought up by multinational thinktanks that is then fed to the public to suppress individual thought and run humanity into a ditch.

Ok Alex, let's say CNN is fake news. Now, let's look at some of the headlines you've posted:

"Scalia's death linked to Bohemian Grove, Illuminati" (Feb 25, 2016)

"Report: Beyonce's video leaked and caught on CIA payroll" (Apr 25, 2016)

"George Noory: The coming staged alien invasion" (Jun 16, 2015)

"NWO opening thousands of portals to ancient demons" (April 7, 2016)

"Special report: why Obama brought Ebola to U.S. exposed" (Aug 2, 2014)

And let's not forget that Alex Jones called Sandy Hook a conspiracy, and insisted that 9/11 was an inside job.

But for this CNN Fake News bit, it appears that he doesn't want anyone going all Pizzagate and showing up at CNN with a gun:

CNN is globalist propaganda. CNN is fake news.

Follow the law. Do not trespass or violate any other state or local law.

At least that's good to hear.

Finally, one note to top this off: The Trump administration considers Alex Jones and Infowars a legitimate news organization -- so much so that they gave them White House press credentials in March. Amazing.

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