Is Trump Really Picking Staff Based On Facial Hair?

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There's an amazing story out today from The Washington Post claiming that Donald Trump is picking cabinet members based on how they look.

That's right: forget qualifications (Trump never cared about those anyway), experience, or even ideology. This is the reality show we've found ourselves in.

According to The Washington Post, Trump picked Gen. Mattis partially due to his resemblance to a famous historical general.

And he picked other positions because of "the look" as well. But one of the most egregious examples is this: Trump team insiders say that he decided against picking John Bolton for Secretary of State because of his mustache.

The Post quotes one of Trump's team members:

"Donald was not going to like that mustache," said one associate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly. "I can't think of anyone that's really close to Donald that has a beard that he likes."

What this all shows is that Trump intends to continue to run his administration like a reality show. A quote from one of Trump's friends demonstrates this (again from The Post):

He likes people who present themselves very well, and he's very impressed when somebody has a background of being good on television because he thinks it's a very important medium for public policy...Don't forget, he's a showbiz guy. He was at the pinnacle of showbiz, and he thinks about showbiz. He sees this as a business that relates to the public.

This news comes only days after Trump's spokespeople announced that he planned to remain involved in the production of his reality show, The Apprentice, which will now be hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Is it possible that we could soon see a merger between the office of the president and reality TV? Should we expect to see an Apprentice: White House Edition anytime soon?

Perhaps that wouldn't be that bad -- when compared to another alternative. One of the most important traits of a fascist dictator is that he can manipulate the media.

And part of that is appearance. Hitler cared greatly about his appearance -- especially as it related to his speeches. He would insist his jacket was perfect, his ties were pre-tied, and his mustache had to be perfectly coiffed.

Trump has already shown that he can manipulate the media. We can only hope that he doesn't start pre-tying his ties.

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