Photos: White Supremacists From Rally Meet With Republican Congressmen

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Donald Trump isn't the only Republican who enjoys the company of White Supremacsts and Nazis (Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, Bannon).

It looks like other Republican elected officials are very much connected with the people who organized and/or attended yesterday's racist rally in Virginia.

Thanks to Twitter users, many of the White Supremacists that attended the event with torches were outed. And it turns out that many of them have relationships with Republican officials.

Jason Kessler and Tom Garrett

Here is a photo of the organizer of the event, Nazi Jason Kessler, with Republican Representative Tom Garrett of Virginia.

After the rally and the murder of an innocent counter-protestor, Garrett wrote this:

Let me be clear. Running a car into people is terrorism. It is horrific, disgusting, and shameful. A spot in hell awaits the perpetrator.

Garrett didn't respond to Twitter users who called him out regarding the photo with Kessler.

Peter Cvjetanovic and Dean Heller

Another Republican Congressman, Senator Dean Heller, was photographed smiling with Peter Cvjetanovic. Cvjetanovic is seen in this photograph at the Virginia rally:

And here is Cvjetanovic with Dean Heller:

For his part, Heller claims that he doesn't know Peter Cvjetanovic. Here is his statement:

I don't know this person & condemn the outrageous racism, hatred and violence. It's unacceptable & shameful. No room for it in this country.

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