'The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur Blasts Democrats, Will 'Shred' The Establishment (Watch)

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Last night, The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur had a strong message for the democratic establishment.

After Hillary Clinton lost the election, Cenk Uygur gave one of his trademark rants about the Democratic party, the right wing, and the establishment.

In addition to saying "everyone at the DNC should be fired", he discussed how The Young Turks will destroy the establishment.

Election night was a banner night for The Young Turks -- at least in terms of viewership.

With their live stream surpassing 130,000 simultaneous viewers, Cenk Uygur and the rest of the TYT crew were celebrating having more viewers than many cable TV channels.

A Bad Night For The Young Turks, A Bad Night For Progressives

Nevertheless, last night was still not a good night for Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks.

As the evening wore on, the hosts grew more and more depressed as the Trump votes came rolling in. By the end of the 13 hour stream, everyone had had it.

But Cenk Uygur wasn't going to end the show without talking about what happened.

We came here to do a serious show, we have fun -- we joke around -- but our mission is serious...They're gonna copy us because we got the audience, the more they copy us ...and two years from now, we're not gonna listen to mealy mouth media saying it could be either way...the brakes are off, we're not gonna have the Queensbury rules, like the Democrats have -- f--- the Queensbury rules.


What they don't anticipate tonight ... is we're gonna fight back...and when we fight back you'll be surprised at our might...Your entire lifetime you've been used to Democratic cowards...now when you've got a Democratic party taken over by progressives -- and it's over -- we're gonna take it over...When we take it over, people are gonna get energized...If we got a fight on our hands let's go.


If you keep telling me that I have to fight for guys who are gonna give all our money to Wall St, nah I'm not gonna show up to that fight. If you tell me we're gonna fight for us, game on.

They're gonna do a lot of damage in two years...then we're gonna do a lot of damage to them.

He later said:

There's two components to the fight back...there's the media -- that's us...It's going to be us...This is rebel headquarters. There's a scene in 'Mad as Hell'..I happen to be at home -- it might have been Thanksgiving --- and I happen to be at my house in New Jersey and I explain the problem with money in politics at the dinner table, and my dad asked me who's gonna do that? And I said "it's me."


It's gonna be all of us, and we're going to fight back and we're gonna win.

The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur: Fire The Establishment

This morning, Cenk Uygur sent out a tweet storm regarding what happened with the election.

In addition to tweeting "People will be parsing the polls today to see what went wrong.

Let me save you the trouble: People hate the establishment," he said "I'm waiting for an apology from the DNC for running the most status quo, establishment, no change candidate of all time in a populist time." He then noted that everyone in the DNC should be fired for their horrible mishandling of the election.

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