Comey Pal Benjamin Wittes Hints At Coming Bombshell In Trump-Russia

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Benjamin Wittes, the man who runs Lawfare blog, and who has been close with James Comey, is signaling that something extremely significant is about to go down in the Trump-Russia collusion case.

Before several previous bombshells, Wittes has tweeted "tick, tick" (as if a bomb timer is ticking down), and he did it again this morning. At the end of last week, Wittes was writing about the potential for a major bombshell.

At that time, the right-wing media picked it up, and began threatening James Comey, suggesting that he was improperly leaking something. Here is the tweet from last week:

This morning, Wittes again tweeted "tick, tick", and this time elaborated:

The third item is especially interesting, as this morning, Trump went on a tweet tantrum about the term collusion, and over the weekend, the right wing media has had a new talking point, claiming that "collusion" is not necessarily a bad thing.

As an example, Fox News has started pushing the claim that collusion isn't illegal, as opposed to their previous stance that there was no collusion.

Here are some examples of the talking points in action:

Wittes hasn't elaborated on what he may know, although it's interesting that he is suggesting that this particular bombshell isn't related to Comey.

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