Journalist Seth Abramson: Did Carter Page Broker Trump Putin Deal, Via Secret Passage?

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Well known journalist Seth Abramson has a new theory today regarding the Trump-Russia investigation.

This one involved the super-questionable Carter Page: Abramson suggests that Page may have been the go-between on a giant money-for-lifting-sanctions deal betwen President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Abramson has a track record of accurately putting together open source reporting into timelines, which turn up interesting insights. So what does this one say?

Seth Abramson: Carter Page Went To Moscow For Deal

Abramson, in a Twitter thread, begins with the question of why Carter page was brought on to join the Trump campaign.

This question has lingered for a long time, and we have written about it, as have many others. According to The Squander, Page is essentially a nobody in the finance world, who had no real qualifications to advise Trump.

Abramson notes that for the longest time, nobody knew where Page came from, until it was revealed that a guy named Sam Clovis connected him to Trump.

Before that, all Page was known for was the rumor that he may have been a Russian spy. In fact, the FBI had been looking at Page for years, due to his unusual activity.

There's an interesting assertion that Abramson makes here: apparently, Carter Page's office is in the building next door to Trump's.

They can pass through and see each other via a private passageway. In that case, there would be no record, and we may never find out when they met.

Now, the Washington Post and other outlets have reported that one of the other guys on Trump's team tried to arrange a meeting with Putin in March 2016. The Trump team is casting that as a rogue action...

But Abramson asserts the following: Sam Clovis realized that the only way to get things into motion with Putin would be to send someone with plausible deniability, and a cover story.

So Page was sent (he has admitted he went to Russia at that time), and may have met with the CEO of Russian oil company Rosneft.

Seth Abramson on the Sale of Rosneft

For his part, Page first totally denied this, but then changed his story multiple times (we covered his many sketchy interviews in the past).

The final version: he may have been in the same room with the Rosneft CEO but "didn't shake his hand." Well, that clears it up...

Anyway, Abramson notes that according to the famous Trump-Russia dossier, the Rosneft CEO offered Trump .5% on a 19% sale of the company if the sanctions are lifted.

It turns out that multiple newspapers reported that a 19.5% stake was sold as part of the Rosneft deal -- but the new owners are a secret.

Page himself said he went to Moscow the day after the sale, because Rosneft wanted to meet with him.

Abramson argues that after the sale, Trump and Page may have met secretly, via that passage between their buildings.

As we know from multiple news reports, there was a previously-undisclosed meeting between Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn, and Russian Sergey Kislyak on the day of the Rosneft sale. And soon after that, Trump started talking about dropping Russian sanctions.

Could Page have attended the meeting on the day of the Rosneft sale?

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