Read The Best Brutal Jokes From The White House Correspondents' Dinner (Or Click For Video)

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Last night, while Donald Trump was running a rally, the White House Correspondents Dinner went ahead without him. And although almost nobody watched, it did have a funny monologue by comedian Hasan Minhaj.

Minhaj covered many different topics, focusing mostly on Trump. He opened with "Welcome to the series finale of the WHCD. My name is Hasan Mihnaj, or as I'll be known in a few weeks, #830287."

Here are some of the best jokes:

We have to introduce the elephant that is not in the room. The leader of our country is not here. That is because he lives in Moscow, it is a long flight...As for the other guy, he is in Pennsylvania because he can't take a joke.

I get why he did not want to be roasted, he has been roasted for the past seven years. Historically he usually performs at the dinner, I speak for all of us when he cannot suffer much for bombing this month.

Now, lot of people in the media say that Donald Trump goes golfing too much. Which raises a very important question, why do you care? Do you want to know what he is doing when he is not golfing, being president. Let the man putt-putt, teach them how to play badminton...The longer he is distracted, the longer we are not at war with North Korea.

You know that Donald Trump doesn't drink right? He doesn't touch alcohol, which is oddly respectable. Think about that. That means that every statement, every interview, every tweet is completely sober. ...He tweets at 3 AM sober. Who is tweeting at 3 AM sober? Donald trump because 10 AM in Russia -- those are business hours.

Frederick Douglass is not here, that is because he is dead. Somebody please tell the president.

Jeff sessions could not be here tonight, he is doing a pre-civil war enactment. On his are as RSVP he wrote no, that happens to be his second favorite n-word.

Sean Spicer gives press briefings like someone is going through his browser history while he watches. Stop it. Stop it. Stop shaking your head. It is the best. You guys are laughing but he has been in pr since 1999. He has been doing this job for 18 years. Somehow after 18 years his go to move when you ask a tough question is to deny the holocaust.

Fox News is here, I am amazed you guys showed up, how are you here in public? It is hard to trust you guys when you Bill O'Reilly for years, it finally happened he has been fired...But then you gave him a $25 million severance package being the only package she won't force a woman to touch. In O'Reilly's defense he was told I a close friend that "when you're a star you can do it, you can do anything."

[On CNN] You guys have some very weird trust issues, I am not going to call you fake news -- but everything is not breaking news. You can't go to DEFCON 1 because Sanjay Gupta found a new moisturizer. Every time a story breaks you have nine boxes on the screen, I am trying to watch the news not pick a player in Street Fighter

If you have nine experts on a panel, what is your barrier of entry? Here to talk about transportation is my Uber driver Gary.

In the age of Trump, I know that you guys have to be more perfect now more than ever. Because are you are how he is getting his news. Not from advisers, not experts, not from intelligence agencies, but you guys. That is why you have to be on your A-game, you cannot make mistakes. Because when one of you messes up, he will blame your entire group. Now you know what it feels like to be a minority.

And I see some of you guys complaining, remember you are a minority. Iou guys have a lot more experience than me, but I have three decades of being brown. You have to think like a minority: as a minority everyone is going to expect you to be a mouthpiece for the entire group. I hate to say it but somewhere right now all of you are being represented by Geraldo Rivera.

This has been one of the strangest events I have ever done in my life.

Let me be honest with you, I feel like I am a tribute at the hunger games. If this goes south, Steve Bannon gets to eat me.

I was asked to not roast the president and the administration in their absentia, I can understand that. We are in a strange situation where there is a very combative relationship between the press, the President, but now that you guys are minorities just for this moment, you may understand the position I was in. It is the same position a lot of minorities feel like they are in. Do I come up here and try to fit in and not ruffle any feathers? Or do I say how I really feel? Because this event is about celebrating the first amendment and free speech -- free speech is the foundation of an open and liberal democracy. From college campuses to the white house. Only in America can a first-generation Indian-American Muslim kid get on the stage and make fun of the president.

The orange man behind the Muslim ban. It is a sign to the rest of the world that this tradition that even the president is not be on the reach of the first amendment. But the president did not show up.

Because Donald Trump does not care about free speech. The man who tweets that everything that enters his head, refuses to a acknowledge the amendment that allows him to do it.

You can watch the monologue below:

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