Who is Beverly Young Nelson? Everything Known About The Roy Moore Accuser

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Beverly Young Nelson has been named as another woman who has come forward saying that Roy Moore assaulted her when she was young.

According to Moore, she worked as a waitress when she was 16, and she met Moore, who she said drove to the back of her restaurant and tried to rape her. She claims that Moore grabbed her neck forcing her head downward while in the car.

She also says that Moore locked her in the car. Her neck was bruised.

She was in Gadsden, AL at the time.

During a press conference, Nelson said that she begged Moore to stop, but he would not do so.

She said Moore told her "you're just a child; I am the district attorney. If you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you." She was 16 at the time.

She appeared today in a conference with attorney Gloria Allred.

You can watch her statement here:

She says she hasn't come forward to date because she feared Roy Moore.

Unlike the previous accusers, Nelson did have one piece of evidence linking her to Moore: a signature in her yearbook:

Beverly Young Nelson says that she wants to testify under oath to the Senate. It is not yet clear if Mitch McConnell will invite her to do so.

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