Ohio State Attack: Who is Abdul Razak Ali Artan?

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In the last few hours, there was a major shooting at Ohio State. At this point, there has been one suspect killed, and several other people injured.

Was the Ohio State Shooting Terrorism?

Regardless of the origin of the suspects, the Ohio State shooting was clearly terrorism. The real question is whether it is foreign or domestic terrorism.

Was this Foreign Terrorism?

Although it has not been proven, it appears that this may be a foreign terror attack.

Was this Islamic terrorism? Was the shooter Muslim?

According to Paula Reid of CBS News, appears to be a Somali who is around 20 years old.

One analyst says that the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) has been discussing the attack on common channels; however, this does not necessarily mean they had anything to do with it.

There have been ISIS related attacks in Europe that have had similar methods, including hitting people with a vehicle and using a machete. For example, in mid 2016, according to the Wall Street Journal, a machete attack occurred in Belgium.

That attack was not ISIS orchestrated, but it was an ISIS inspired attack. And in Nice, France, there was a significant terrorist attack using a truck to ram through a crowd, which was also ISIS related.

The CBS News reporter is saying that law enforcement is suggesting this may be terrorism:

Who is Abdul Razak Ali Artan?

The New York Daily News has named the dead suspect as Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

The police recording describes him as: 20 years old black male, dark skin, short hair. Here is Artan profiled in "The Humans of Ohio State" about his religion:

What Happened?

According to a professor at Ohio State, there was a car that drove up onto a sidewalk, and multiple attackers emerged.

One of those attackers was reported to have a machete and a gun (some reports say that this man didn't have a gun -- just the machete); the other appeared to only have a gun (although this is not confirmed either).

What is confirmed is that the attack was mostly using the car and a knife.

In the professor's words: "someone drove there [sic] car into the sidewalk and ran down a group of student [sic], then got out with a machete and slashed others.

Here's how the Daily Mail reported it:

Witnesses say that as they were evacuating the building when a man driving a car mowed down the crowds of innocent bystanders.

The attacker then reportedly got out of the car and started stabbing and slashing victims. The witness said that the knifeman didn't say anything throughout the attack but had a 'crazed' look on his face. A responding officer shot the suspect dead.

During the incident, Ohio State University told students to "Run Hide Fight." It appeared to have begun at Watts Hall.

With respect to injuries and deaths, there are conflicting reports. According to CBS News, 7 are injured, and 1 is critical.

At least one suspect is dead. NPR, meanwhile, is reporting 9 injured. There is a photo of a body in the street, although it is unclear if that person was shot or hit by a car.

Meanwhile, according to "Next Generation", 2 people were already arrested; you can see a photo of the arrest here: https://nextgenerationblogs.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/img_8715.jpg

The shelter in place warning was lifted around 11:30 AM ET.

There is also video that was live streamed during the attack:

We're updating this article as word comes in...

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