Rudy Giuliani Working With Russia For Trump? Details On The Shocking Allegations

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Donald Trump may be in new hot water now -- if a story reported by a well-known reporter is correct.

The reporter, Seth Abramson, posted a mega-thread today on Twitter, with some absolutely shocking allegations. So what's he claiming happened? Is his allegation true? We've looked into it and have all of the details below.

Seth Abramson Alleges Russia-Giuliani-FBI Collaborated

Abramson makes the allegations based on a few premises. The first of these premises relates to Hillary Clinton's emails (yep, that again).

According to Abramson, the final tranche of Clinton emails found by the FBI -- the ones that provoked the infamous Comey announcement right before the election -- were duplicates, and the FBI field office in New York knew that.

He asserts that the FBI New York basically suppressed that information, and Giuliani knew about it. Why would they do that? He claims that the NY office is filled with Trump allies.

And instead of trying to figure out whether the emails were duplicates, which Comey asked them to do, they only analyzed the meta-data on the emails.

The unstated implication Abramson appears to be making here is that the people in the NY FBI had a hunch that these emails may be duplicates, so they avoided doing additional research to delay admitting the truth.

We'll look at this more later.

Abramson seems to make this implication because the FBI had the opportunity to get a court order to see the emails, and they made no effort to do so; they didn't even bother asking the owners of the emails for permission to look at them.

Where Did Rudy Giuliani Come in?

This is the point where Rudy Giuliani enters the picture.

Around that time, as you may remember, Giuliani was all over cable news bragging about his knowledge about an 'October Surprise.' He even admitted at the time that he had information from the FBI (in NY) about this.

Abramson then makes this interesting statement:

Abramson believes that Comey figured out that the NY FBI was politicizing the situation. We'll come back to this as well.

Trump-Giuliani-Russia: More Sketchy Political Figures Enter

Here is where things get really shocking. Erik Prince enters the scene -- you may remember him from all of the civilian deaths in the Middle East involving Blackwater, a shadowy defense contractor.

Blackwater (which now has another name) was involved in countless questionable and shadowy operations for the U.S. and other governments over the last two decades.

We don't have time to go through them all here, but there's plenty of information on Prince online.

There's an audio recording of Prince on the radio in November 2016, which Abramson cites. The audio recording is embedded here:

In the audio, Erik Prince, clearly suggests that has inside information and he knows the contents of Hillary Clinton's emails. However, he claims that the emails contain all sorts of illegal material -- none of which ends up being true.

Abramson makes another shocking suggestion here: that Prince did not get his information from the FBI/NYPD. Instead, he claims that Prince's statements were a carefully choreographed part of the Russian disinformation scheme. His evidence: that Russian bots immediately went out and reiterated Prince's argument.

James Comey Reenters

Comey at this point reenters and sends his letter to Congress, saying that he's found these new emails. Within days after that, he is able to go through the emails and determine they are all duplicated.

Given that the NY FBI had access to these emails for weeks, the fact that Comey was able to go through them in days does appear to suggest that the NY FBI wasn't interested in finding out the truth.

Abramson ends his tweet stream by saying that both Giuliani and Prince got favors from Trump after the election. He believes that this proves that Trump was aware of what he was doing.

He also says this:

So Is Abramson's Allegation True?

As with anything like this, there is an interesting mix in here.

There are many statements that are true and easily corroborated; however, there are other assertions that are either questionable or unsupported by evidence. Let's take a look at them.

  1. The FBI New York office is filled with Trump allies who purposely suppressed (or avoided knowing about) the fact that Hillary emails were duplicates. Abramson doesn't really provide any evidence for this. There have been rumors about FBI agents disliking Clinton and Comey; however, it's something of a stretch to assume that the people who looked into this case disliked Clinton and Comey. And for FBI officials to purposely act on this would be a serious crime -- which there is no evidence for.
  2. Comey figures out that the NY FBI is politicizing the emails. This appears to be plausible, given previous statements by Comey. However, there is no solid evidence for this claim.
  3. Erik Prince worked with Russia to develop his message. This is implied in what Abramson says. There is evidence that Prince worked with Russia, and he obviously helped Trump; however, there's nothing known about the specifics of the relationship.
  4. The NY FBI dragged its feet on the emails, but Comey looked through them quickly, which is evidence for (1). Abramson uses the fact that Comey was able to look through the Clinton emails in days as evidence that the NY FBI was acting politically. That's a huge jump, without much evidence. It's possible that there were just bureaucratic issues. However, given the importance of this investigation and the simplicity of the task of checking the emails, it does seem something strange was going on.
  5. Giuliani and Prince got favors after the election -- and that is proof that Trump was part of a conspiracy to steal the election. This is an absurd logical jump. Trump didn't really give Giuliani anything good, and although he gave Prince plenty, that's not evidence of a conspiracy. Trump has given important posts to many of the random people who supported him -- many of whom have almost 0 experience in the field of their positions. Yes, Trump gave stuff to people; no, that doesn't prove a conspiracy.

So what's the upshot? There are definitely some interesting and revealing allegations in Abramson's thread. However, it's far from conclusive, and should be looked at more as a template for other research than an authoritative document.

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