Tweeters Claim To Identify Michaels 'Racist' Rant Woman

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A significantly underreported story that made news today was about a young woman from Chicago who went to Michaels' Arts and Crafts store and went on a 'racist' rant because the black cashier wouldn't give her something she wanted for free.

The woman needed a large bag for her items, but Michaels does not have bags large enough to hold the items; however, it does sell bags for $1 that are sufficiently large.

When the black cashier asked her to pay for the bag, the woman went on a nutcase rant about how she is being discriminated against for being white, and how she won because she voted for Donald Trump.

The video, which you can below, was taken by another woman:

The woman who took the video started a GoFundMe for the black worker who was accosted, and she has already raised over $10,000.

The Chicago Patch interviewed the woman who recorded the video:

Grady said the yelling had been going on for several minutes before she started recording the confrontation on video because she wanted to document it for store employees to "keep them from getting in trouble for no reason" because "the customer is always right."

You can view her post here:

This is the shortened version of an almost 45 minute ordeal I saw a racist Trump supporter put an entire store, in one...

Posted by Jessie Grady on Friday, November 25, 2016

Michaels has made a statement saying that the company appreciates tolerance and diversity and applauds the workers in this situation.

Meanwhile, many people on Twitter are claiming to have identified the Chicago woman.

Twitter Users Claim To Have Identified Woman From The Video

Several people on Twitter are alleging that they have identified the woman. There is no evidence that they are correct in their identification, however they have made several posts about it.

Here are some of the posts on Twitter from people who claim to know who the woman is:

And of course, someone claims to have found social media sites:

On the Chicagoist website, one commenter claims he/she worked with the woman:

Youth_Twitter IAmBrandy o an hour ago

It is Jennifer Boyle, who previously worked for Sinai Health System. I know this for sure because I was her coworker. She is just as nuts in person as this video depicts.

Youth_Twitter maritimer2 o 11 minutes ago

From a legal perspective, I am not sure what I am or am not allowed to say; but I will leave it at this. EVERYONE was happy when they found out she was no longer welcome back.

Youth_Twitter Jackie o an hour ago

It's Jennifer Boyle. I worked with her at Sinai. She is batshit, racist, crazy.

Sinai posted this comment as a response to a person on Facebook:

I cant believe you have people like this working in your organization. SHAME ON YOU she should not be working with the...

Posted by Irene Skrybailo on Monday, November 28, 2016

Sinai's response:

Sinai Health System Prior to this incident, this individual ceased employment at Sinai Health System, and her views in no way represent those of our organization.

Are people on Twitter correct with their assessment? There has been no credible confirmation and at this point, no evidence outside people's Tweets.

So who is the woman? We'll have to wait and see. At this point there is absolutely no proof that the person implicated on Twitter is the same as the woman in the video.

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