Is Julian Assange Alive? The Wikileaks Mystery Deepens

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Nobody has heard directly from Julian Assange in several weeks...and the Internet is getting suspicious.

After the Ecuadorian Embassy where he is hiding had its Internet access cut in October, there has been no evidence that Assange is alive at all. So is he?

Is Julian Assange Alive?

Several rumors have been going around over the past few weeks that Assange is dead.

A radio station in New York recently posted an article claiming that they spoke with a Wikileaks staffer who (they say) told them that Assange is gone.

It was further claimed that Wikileaks was raided and taken over by multiple government actors, and that these government actors are responsible for taking down the real Wikileaks sites and social media accounts and replacing them with fake, government controlled ones.

The article, as ludicrous as it seems, comes from a radio station source that many people believe. However, this radio station is known for espousing wild conspiracy stories that have been proven false many times.

So what's the truth? The last time Julian Assange was photographed or communicated with in a way that is verifiable by the online community was mid-October.

Since Assange's Internet was shut off, there has been no direct communication with him, and communication via the Wikileaks Twitter account has yielded rather strange inconsistencies.

For example, this Tweet only added fuel to the fire:

And earlier this month, conspiracy theorists had a heyday when there were questions about the "pre-commitment hashes" that Wikileaks distributed. These hashes didn't match what people were expecting, which led to questions about whether they were authentic.

We wrote a story about it, which you can read here. In that article, we wrote this:

These became a big concern in the past 24 hours because users on Reddit and other forums were calculating that hash on the pre-commitment files that Wikileaks released. And those hashes didn't match the ones that Wikileaks had publicized.

This was an issue because people thought that someone had been able to get into the Wikileaks dataset and make changes. Several news outlets wrote about it too.

However, Wikileaks soon explained that there was nothing to be concerned about. The hash makes much more sense to be performed on the decrypted data. That is, Wikileaks calculated the hash for the dataset, which it published. Then it encrypted and posted the dataset. Because people were trying to calculate the hash of the encrypted dataset, the hashes would not match.

Similarly, other inconsistencies in Wikileaks' messaging could also be explained relatively easily.

Is There Evidence that Julian Assange is Alive?

There have been plenty of pieces of evidence that Julian Assange is still alive. For instance, it was widely reported that he met with Swedish prosecutors last week.

Although there were no cameras to document this, it would be extremely difficult to fake. And people like Pamela Anderson have visited him multiple times.

And it does appear that Wikileaks is trying to find a way to get proof of life dor Assange:

So yes, Assange may be incommunicado, but he is still very much alive in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

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