With Celebs Giving Millions To Harvey Relief, Where's Donald Trump's Billions?

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With the onslaught of hurricane Harvey, millions of people across America have given money to the Red Cross and other organizations to support relief. And celebs across the country aren't holding back, with giant multi-million dollar donations to the relief effort.

But one famous and wealthy person seems to be absent from the list of people donating. That's the President himself, Donald Trump.

It seems that everyone has gotten into the giving spirit since Houston began flooding. Beyonce quietly offered millions in donations -- rumors are that she is giving a total of $7 million -- although that amount hasn't been confirmed.

Sandra Bullock, meanwhile, gave a whopping $1 million donation. And others including Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, and Justin Timberlake have all given generously.

But there is one notable person who has yet to openly pledge anything of his own to the relief effort: Donald Trump. Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold asked both the Trump Administration and the Trump Organization whether he has geven any money for Harvey.

Neither has responded.

Is it possible that Trump has given anonymously? Yes; however, he's definitely not been known to do that in the past.

In fact, in many instances, Trump has made large pledges to organizations in his name -- only to not follow through with the money (until/unless he gets caught).

One thing is for sure: Trump never passes up on an opportunity to make money for himself. During his trip to Texas, he wore a hat emblazoned with campaign logos/slogans, which he sells on his website for a whopping $40.

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