Megyn Kelly's Trainwreck With Alex Jones Is Going Just Like You'd Expect

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Unbelievably overrated TV host Megyn Kelly is running around promoting her upcoming interview with nutjob-in-chief Alex Jones, and it's going just as you'd expect.

After getting roundly denounced for legitimizing Jones, Kelly has now run into another stumbling block. This time, it's Jones striking back.

Things haven't been going so well for Megyn Kelly since she announced her plans to interview Alex Jones recently.

As soon as the interview was announced, people from all over the political spectrum have attacked her for providing an unhinged conspiracy theorist a national TV platform.

And things got worse over the week, when a selfie of Kelly and Jones appeared online.

The selfie, showing Kelly happily hanging out with Jones -- a man who said that the Connecticut school shooting was a false flag, and who was responsible for the absurd "pizzagate" theory -- was roundly criticized.

Nevertheless, nobody could have expected what happened today: Alex Jones is now claiming to have secretly recorded Kelly, and he is insisting that Kelly misrepresented him in their interview.

He apparently leaked the audio today, and is claiming that Kelly is obsessed with him.

He said this during his broadcast: "I got it all on tape, sweetheart...I did it to protect myself so I can show what she really did." He also said that he had never secretly recorded an interview before.

Not surprisingly, Jones has received a lot of publicity from his interaction with Megyn Kelly.

The whole incident will likely bring more listeners and money to Jones, who is now estimated to be worth over $5 million, according to The Squander.

The Trump administration recently also provided his organization with press credentials in the White House, further legitimizing him.

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