Wikileaks' 'Sudden Death' Message Sparks Murder Questions

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Yesterday, Wikileaks tweeted a strange message to its millions of followers. The message refers to the sudden death of Wikileaks staff, saying this:

What does this refer to? We're not sure, but Wikileaks has been referencing a statement by Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who made the following statement earlier this week: "You take on the intelligence community? They have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you."

The message, although ominous, lacks any evidence -- Assange has been wanted by American intelligence for nearly a decade now, and they haven't gotten him or any other Wikileaks staffer. Also, Wikileaks has made several similar statements several times in the past.

For instance, in November, we wrote about Wikileaks' release of precommitment hashes. At the time, they tweeted this:

The documents were not destroyed in any way, and the precommitments did not get activated.

There have been several rumors regarding Assange's death as well. Soon after the election, we wrote about one of those rumors:

Several rumors have been going around over the past few weeks that Assange is dead. A radio station in New York recently posted an article claiming that they spoke with a Wikileaks staffer who (they say) told them that Assange is gone. It was further claimed that Wikileaks was raided and taken over by multiple government actors, and that these government actors are responsible for taking down the real Wikileaks sites and social media accounts and replacing them with fake, government controlled ones.


There have been plenty of pieces of evidence that Julian Assange is still alive. For instance, it was widely reported that he met with Swedish prosecutors last week. Although there were no cameras to document this, it would be extremely difficult to fake. And people like Pamela Anderson have visited him multiple times.

Of course, earlier death rumors proved to be false as well.

So What Happened To Wikileaks and Julian Assange?

So it appears that Wikileaks has a pattern of releasing statements that arouse suspicion among conspiracy theorists.

However, it is understandable why they would tweet such a statement now, when there is so much uncertainty regarding the election and the role of intelligence. There are probably more people out to get Wikileaks now than ever.

We will have to wait and see if there is any follow up to this statement by Wikileaks.

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