CNN Finds Morons Who Don't Understand How You Could Dislike Trump

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CNN, in its never-ending quest to prove that there are no such things as facts, found a group of women in Arizona who love Donald Trump and don't understand why you might not.

The network that invented the "he said, she said" model of news -- where nothing matters except what the Democrats say and what the Republicans say -- asked the woman several questions in an effort to understand their rationale.

One woman noted that "If anyone in this country is against anything he said he's going to do, I worry about his judgement." Others complained about Democrats holding up confirmations.

Apparently, it's totally different from what the Republicans did because they "showed up."

Another woman said she "love[d] the transparency" of the Trump administration. Apparently, it doesn't matter that his taxes weren't released, he hasn't been open about his business ties, he won't talk about his ties to Russia, etc.

They also don't care about refugees: "you can't lead with your emotions." It's unclear whether emotions have anything to do with one's position on abortion, LGBT issues, and everything else.

Finally, they had to attack the protesters for being sore losers.

You can watch the clip here:

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