The Young Turks Goes Big, Hires Former TV Star As Commentator

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This evening, The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur announced a group of people who will be added to their reporting division.

Although they have had two previous rounds of hires, this particular round is bigger than all of previous ones: Dylan Ratigan from MSNBC will be a contributor to The Young Turks.

The other new hires are Jonathan Larsen and David Sirota.

The Young Turks Hires Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan has had a long, storied career on the NBC networks. He is best known for his time hosting Fast Money on CNBC, the late afternoon business show that tells viewers how to earn money quickly in the markets.

But he is also known for his time on MSNBC during the 2008 crash time. During that time, Ratigan made a name for himself by calling out the banking interests and questioning money in politics.

Cenk Uygur explained that he first worked on MSNBC filling in for Ratigan.

Since then, he worked closely with Ratigan on MSNBC, as he was the only other host on the network who was willing to speak out about money in politics, and the roles of corporations and lobbyists in our political system.

At a few different points in the past, Ratigan has appeared on The Young Turks; however, he was only on briefly.

Since leaving MSNBC, Dylan Ratigan has been working as an entrepreneur in agriculture. He announced his obscure business model several years ago upon leaving MSNBC.

Ratigan has worked for other media enterprises, and he has written popular books. He will now be seen contributing to The Young Turks, although it's not known how often.

Cenk Uygur Announces Other Hires

During today's show, Cenk Uygur also announced two other hires.

One of those hires is David Sirota, a well-known journalist in progressive circles, and currently a reporter for the International Business Times. Uygur also announced that he has hired Jonathan Larsen, whom he credits for creating Up with Chris Hayes.

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