MSNBC's Brian Williams Reminds Us Why Nobody Watches Him

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Even though he anchored one of the most watched newscasts in the world, Brian Williams has never been a particularly good newsman.

Having been the beneficiary of plenty of lucky breaks, he managed to get into a job that was far beyond his abilities -- that is, until he was essentially fired for lying about his past.

Somehow he clawed his way back, and he's been on late night on MSNBC, where he was mostly forgotten...but once in a while he manages to resurface.

While the Trump era has turned most talking-heads on CNN into real journalists -- who are actually reporting fact versus fiction -- it doesn't seem to have had the same effect on MSNBC.

Instead, MSNBC seems to be doubling down on its half-assed he-said she-said form of reporting.

And there's nobody better to head up a network of half-assed he-said she-said reporting than Brian Williams.

All evening, instead of pointing out facts, or calling out obvious lies from guests, Williams managed to find more and more hackneyed cliches to say "ehhh, who knows."

In one instance, Hugh Hewitt conjured up a maze of verbal gymnastics and circular logic to insist that when Trump blamed the military for the death of a Navy SEAL in Yemen, he actually meant the opposite.

Williams appeared to get up the courage to question Hewitt on the ridiculous statement, only to say something to the extent of "reasonable people can disagree."

For the rest of the seemingly interminable night of speech coverage, Williams most salient contributions were puerile jokes about Chris Matthews' panel and inane small talk with guests regarding their hometowns.

And Brian, PLEASE stop with the dad jokes...nobody is laughing -- not even the people sitting next to you.

All we can hope for now is that Williams gets packed back in mothballs and stuffed in the attic until 2020. Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen.

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