Matt Lauer Net Worth: What Could He Lose From Being Fired Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct

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Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC News as of this morning. The firing came because of what NBC called 'inappropriate sexual behavior' although we don't know specifically what that means.

Lauer has been extremely well paid for decades, earning more than the vast majority of his colleagues in the TV news business. Nevertheless, he could be greatly affected by this firing.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

According to Bankrate, Matt Lauer is worth upwards of $60 million dollars. He has been earning $20 million dollars or more for the last several years -- at least since 2012.

And even before 2012, he was doing pretty well, having worked on screen for NBC News for the past 20 years. He has also had additional income from many other sources.

How Much Could Matt Lauer Lose

According to The Squander, Matt Lauer had a $20 million per year contract which was signed in November 2016. That contract was to last at least into 2018, which means that the contract would have been terminated about halfway through.

That means that Lauer could lose as much as $20 million in pay, if NBC decides not to pay him the full value of the contract.

Whether NBC decides to pay Lauer the $20 million, or some sort of negotiated severance will depend on his contract and the specific clauses in it.

Often, celebrities get some sort of severance when allegations come to light. This happened with Bill O'Reilly, who earned $25 million to leave Fox. However, in the Lauer incident, what happens will depend on whether NBC decides to negotiate.

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