'Too Close to Home' Recap: Episode 6 - Will Victor Live?

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Tonight is episode 6 of TLC's Too Close to Home, and the last episode set up a ton of drama.

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We pick up after Victor has just gotten beaten up by the locals, and we don't know if he's okay. The episode opens up back in Washington, where Dax is freaking out because he heard Victor being beaten up over the phone.

He decides to go to Alabama to find him, and Valerie goes with him.

Back in Happy, Alabama, the sheriff scolds the locals for beating up Victor, and he tells them to go and turn themselves in, because they've committed a hate crime.

After they leave, he calls for an ambulance for Victor, who looks like he's in very bad shape.

At the same time, at Bonnie's house, Anna is crying, and Rebel tells her to go help her mother. But Anna refuses to go. She tries to explain her situation to Rebel, and she apologizes, but Rebel doesn't accept.

Bonnie then arrives and is extremely happy to see Anna. After trying to console her, Bonnie takes her in the house.

Anna explains what happened between her and the President. She also tells Bonnie about the incident with J.B. Although Anna regrets leaving, Bonnie tells her that she did the right thing.

Meanwhile, the sheriff shows up at Brody's house with Victor in the back seat. The sheriff asks Brody if his father can help resuscitate Victor.

Brody takes Victor upstairs to examine him, and Brody finds a tattoo saying "Victor + Dax" on Victor's arm -- and realizes Victor is gay.

Brody and the sheriff try to communicate with Victor, and he seems to be alive, but they're not sure what to do, since they don't think an ambulance or helicopter will come, as they don't know if Victor has insurance.

Brody's dad enters and tries to help. The dad checks out Victor and instructs Brody to give Victor a shot.

Even though Brody is scared to do so (because his dad is senile) he goes ahead and gives the shot. Immediately, Victor comes to life and starts coughing. Even the next morning, the ambulance still doesn't arrive, however.

Back at the bar, it's morning and people are cleaning up. Shelby is asleep on the pool table and gets woken up by the bartender. Shelby begs for a drink but is forced to leave.

The bartender calls J.B. and lets him know that she's there.

At the house, Anna is surprised by how little has changed in Happy. There's still no school bus to take the kids to school.

Bonnie explains what's been going on with Brody -- that his mother died -- and offers to take Anna to see Brody, but she's not ready to.

We return to Brody's house where the sheriff informs Brody that the ambulance won't come. The hospital said that the sheriff needs to take Victor to the hospital, but Brody's father says Victor isn't stable enough for that.

Anna and Bonnie go to take care of their mother. The mother tries to provoke Anna; she is angry that Anna hasn't helped her at all -- especially with money.

The mother starts talking about Anna's affair with the President, and says she was too busy "on her knees" to visit. The scene continues for several minutes.

Bonnie asks Anna to go outside to get baby powder; once outside, Anna starts crying. Inside, the mom tries to turn Bonnie against Anna.

But Bonnie says she won't turn her back on Anna. After the mom tries to provoke Bonnie by mentioning Shelby and J.B., Bonnie leaves too.

The episode concludes with Brody entering Victor's room, where he finds his dad performing surgery on Victor, with his hand deep in Victor's cut-up chest.

Here's the post-episode review:

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