'Too Close to Home' Recap: Episode 7

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Tonight is episode 7 of TLC's Too Close to Home, and we've seen enough previews in the past week to know that one epic betrayal is about to take place.

But what else is in store for this cursed family? And does Victor survive?

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At the beginning of this episode, we're shocked to discover that Brody's father manages to save Victor from a collapsed lung.

Sure, he calls it a "walrus" but nevertheless, we were as surprised as anyone else to find out that Victor's life was saved by Brody's father.

Next, we're taken to a scene of Bonnie and Anna sharing beers on the steps of their trailer home. Anna asks Bonnie if she would leave Happy, Alabama if she could. Bonnie notes that she feels it's her job to take care of the kids and their mother.

Although Anna has trouble believing Bonnie, Bonnie says that she could never leave Happy, and she's proud of Anna for being able to.

Still, their conversation takes on a less authentic tone when Bonnie tells Anna that Brody has moved on and seems to be most focused on whether Anna would be upset to see Brody dating someone else.

To see a clip of Bonnie and Anna's moment together, check out this video:

Meanwhile, Dax and Valerie arrive in Happy, only to be greeted by Anna's mother. Although she gives them a frosty reception, eventually they do find Anna and wind up making their way back to the bar where Victor was attacked.

They confront Lily at the bar and after some extensive threatening, manage to find out that Victor was indeed attacked the night before at the bar.

Next, Bonnie arrives at Brody's house and finds out about Victor's fate. She agrees to remain at the house to watch Brody's father. But pretty soon, Victor wakes up to meet Bonnie. Bonnie discovers that Victor is Anna's friend -- the one who drove her to Happy from Washington.

Victor then has a good laugh about his predicament. Meanwhile, Brody comes to find out that J.B. was one of the guys who beat up Victor.

In the last few minutes of the episode, we see Brody and Bonnie getting close again, and pretty soon, they're in each others arms. The drama builds as Anna arrives at Brody's home and we're pretty sure she spots Bonnie and Brody together.

Will Anna confront Bonnie next week? Will J.B. be able to save Bonnie from being killed? We'll have to wait until next week to find out.

For this week's after show episode, check out the video below:

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