'Too Close to Home' Recap: Episode 5 - The End of Victor?

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Episode 5 of Too Close to Home, premiered tonight and there's no question that at this point, we're hooked! With all of the drama that has unfolded in the past few weeks, we had to know what was going to happen to Bonnie, whether J.B. was ever going to get his truck back and how much more conflict Shelby was going to seed.

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We dive right into the drama when we find out what happened to Bonnie after a shady stranger (turns out his name is Marty) had attacked her last week. Marty winds up letting Bonnie go after making an attempt to choke her to death. Even though the sheriff eventually gets to the diner to respond to Bonnie's call, Bonnie protects Marty and keeps the sheriff from finding out what really happened. Looks like Bonnie will have to think quickly to save both her and her family's lives. Later, Bonnie decides to return home but winds up running into Brody.

She refuses to tell him what's upsetting her but he doesn't want to take her silence for an answer. In this scene, we discover more about Bonnie and Brody's relationship.

It turns out Brody and Bonnie had a thing but Bonnie ended it because of Brody's past relationship to Anna. Still, it's not completely clear why Bonnie keeps deferring to Anna so much.

We then return to Anna's narrative. She and Victor are still driving Anna home. Victor considers stopping a bar but Anna keeps him from getting out because of her concerns about how he will be treated in Happy, Alabama. Anna's also reluctant to have Victor become a house guest because of all of her family's issues. Surprisingly, given how much of a favor Victor just did Anna, he accepts Anna's excuse without much argument. Once Anna gets back to the trailer park, however, even the children are upset at her.

Anna's nephew tries to keep her from seeing her mother but the young girl who appears to be Anna's daughter seems to want to exact her revenge on Anna by goading her to pay a visit to her mother. A dramatic scene unfolds in which we get to see Anna's mother. Her obesity is so extensive it soon becomes clear that Anna's mother may not be leaving the room to go to the bathroom.

But the nasty words coming from Anna's mother's mouth help us better understand Anna and why she ran so far from her family. Anna's mother accuses her of lying and calls her a whore.

Anna is so disgusted by the smell in the trailer home in which her mother lives she ends in having to run outside to vomit.

Meanwhile, Victor, however, decides not to take Anna's advice and heads to a local bar. The homophobia of Happy soon becomes clear when Shelby comes up to Victor and makes a direct slur against him when he tells her he's gay.

The treatment from the people at the bar isn't much better either.

In this episode, we also get to find out what happened to J.B after Shelby and her boyfriend attacked him. Somehow, he shakes off the blow to his head and runs. Bonnie finds him trying to get into his car and accosts him angrily.

She forces J.B. to tell her the truth about what he was carrying in his truck.

Back at the bar, Victor decides to start drinking and dancing with Shelby. It's soon clear, however, that violence may unfold and it pretty quickly it does, when J.B. gets to the bar. J.B and a group of men at the bar attack Victor and leave him for dead.

Will Victor live? Will Bonnie? It seems everyone on this show has a death sentence waiting for them.

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