'Catfish' MTV Recap: Andrew and Zac, the Shocking Season Finale (Watch)

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Tonight is the season finale of MTV's Catfish -- season 5 episode 20, 'Andrew and Zac'. The episode follows Andrew, who met a guy on Tinder, but soon finds out something disturbing.

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The Catfish Team Meets Andrew

The Catfish team, Nev and Max, begin the show by reading a letter from a girl named Marian, who is concerned about her friend, Andrew.

Andrew recently moved to California, and after moving, he met a hot guy on Tinder. But they have never met in person or talked on the phone, and Marian is concerned.

The Catfish team then video chats with Andrew. Andrew says that Zac is a crossfit trainer, and he approached Andrew with this one-liner: "are you spaghetti? Cuz I'd like you to meet my balls." Zac was everything Andrew hoped, and he soon became very infatuated.

The chat every day, and text each other in the morning and at night.

They don't meet because Zac is in Santa Cruz and Andrew is in Los Angeles, but whenever Andrew asks to talk on the phone, Zac always seems to have an excuse.

But Andrew is in love, and he's considering moving to Santa Cruz to be with Zac.

The Catfish team goes to Los Angeles to meet Andrew at a coffee shop.

Andrew is very attractive, so he doesn't have a problem meeting other guys. But he feels that most guys just want to sleep with him, not be in a relationship.

Andrew shows the Catfish team Zac's profile. Zac is a very attractive guy who claims to be 24, originally from Texas, and moved to Santa Cruz, California.

Unfortunately, Andrew recently realized that something strange was going on when he was talking to a different friend.

The friend told him that he recognized the picture of Zac -- Zac is a famous Internet personality named "Zac Miller," who was voted the hottest guy on Tinder in Maine.

So it seems that Andrew wasn't talking to Zac from California; he was talking to someone who was impersonating a guy from Maine.

Andrew, however, feels that even though Zac may not be who he says he is, they still may have something between them.

Check out this clip of Andrew with Nev and Max:

The Catfish Team Begins Their Search

The Catfish team begins their search by looking at the real Zac Miller's profile, which contains something interesting: apparently, Zac Miller is aware of someone using his profile to meet other people.

This doesn't look good. In fact, people commented on his profile that he should be on Catfish.

The Catfish team contacts the real Zac Miller, as well as his best friend Elizabeth.

They then trace the fake Zac's phone numbers, which Andrew provided them.

The first number belongs to a woman named Staci -- which may explain why the fake Zac doesn't want to talk on the phone.

But on another website, the phone number comes up as Johnny in Seaside, California, but with the same last name as Staci.

The Catfish team finds a Facebook profile for Johnny, a man with two children, and they hypothesize that Johnny may be married and be exploring being gay.

Johnny's picture shows a middle age guy who appears to be involved with crossfit.

They then get a return call from Elizabeth, who tells the guys that Zac has many impersonators, and she gives them the real Zac's phone number. They call the number and leave a message.

Catfish team goes back to meet Andrew and present their findings. Andrew doesn't recognize Staci's or Johnny's names.

The team decides to call the real Zac again; this time, they reach him. The real Zac says many people impresonate him, but when they mention the name Johnny, Zac is floored.

Something huge is going on.

Zac tells the team that two weeks ago, a guy sent him a confession that said "I've been using your photos...I'm admitting that," and the confession was from a guy named (you guessed it) Johnny. Actually, "F*** Johnny."

Zac tells the Catfish team that the confession said that things got way out of hand, and feelings developed. And Zac has a screenshot.

There's a picture of Johnny, who is from Seaside, CA. But he isn't the middle aged guy they saw earlier. It's an attractive guy who doesn't seem to have a reason to hide -- unless he's not out, Max says.

The Catfish team decides to call Johnny, but he doesn't answer. They text him, and he responds immediately.

He says he can't talk right now, and he's not comfortable talking on the phone -- but he will text. He texts the team that "things have gotten out of control, but I do care about Andrew."

Andrew wants to meet Johnny, so the Catfish team tells Johnny that. But Johnny says he has anxiety and he needs time to decide what to do.

The Catfish Team Meets Their Guy

The next day, the Catfish team hears that Johnny is ready to meet Andrew. So they head to Seaside, California. Andrew texts Johnny to ask where he is, and they decide to meet at the wharf.

As the team approaches the wharf, they see someone sitting on a rock. It's the Johnny from the pictures.

He has anxiety, and he has an attack when Andrew appears. Johnny tells the team that he works at a grocery store. He also says that he was the one who confessed to the real Zac.

Why? Because he's not out yet. His first experience with a guy was this year, and he became really depressed when the guy broke up with him.

Johnny says that he made a fake Tinder profile to stalk his ex, but he didn't match with his ex. He originally messaged Andrew to cope with his depression, but he has now developed feelings for Andrew.

Johnny is afraid that his parents will be disappointed when they find out that he's gay.

But he's ready to come out to be with Andrew.

Andrew asks Johnny if he's ready for a relationship; Johnny says he's never ready for anything -- but as long as he has Andrew, he's ready to come out to his family.

Nev and Max let Andrew and Johnny be alone and talk.

And the two immediately develop feelings for each other, but things hit a bump when Andrew realizes that Johnny may not be over his ex -- and his whole goal with this was to get him back.

Nev and Max find Andrew alone in his room. Andrew tells the guys that he doesn't see a future for him and Johnny. When he tells Johnny that, he agrees. Andrew promises to help Johnny navigate coming out.

In this episode, the Catfish guys do a tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting:

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