MTV 'Catfish' Recap: Season 5 Episode 22 - The Untold Stories 8

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Tonight's episode of MTV's 'Catfish' looks at surprising catfish schemes that others uncovered, as told by the people who experienced them.

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Catfish: Brianna and Dani

The first person we meet is someone named Brianna. Brianna calls herself a "freak show" who had no friends and got laughed at.

Because she was being bullied and threatened, she missed 83 days of school in one year.

She found an emo social networking site, where she created an account under her own name and picture, but she didn't get any responses. So she tried again -- this time with someone else's pictures and the name Venus.

She became a "cool kid on the website" and found someone named Dani. Dani dressed like a "tomboy" and was also an outcast at school.

Dani messaged Venus and they started having long conversations online. They eventually started talking on the phone. Things started to go quickly and they started planning their lives together.

Dani wanted to meet, and Brianna didn't know what to do. At the same time, Brianna found out that the real Venus, whose pictures she used, had been diagnosed with cancer.

So she told Dani she had cancer, and therefore couldn't meet. In the same message, she told Dani she loved her. Dani was in shock.

Brianna continued to fake having cancer, and told everyone about it. It turned out that the real Venus had posted videos about having cancer, so Brianna took the videos and used them as her own.

Dani watched the videos and was devastated, she felt she had to see Brianna/Venus. But Brianna didn't want to let Dani see her, and soon Dani got sick of it. Dani decided to break up with Brianna.

Brianna then decided to tell Dani that she was fake in a long letter. Dani was very angry when she got the message, and she started to ignore Brianna.

Finally, the two started talking and Brianna apologized. But Dani wasn't interested in continuing the relationship.

A year later, Dani messaged Brianna telling her that Dani had become "Trevor." Brianna apologizes again to Trevor at the end of the segment. They remain friends.

Catfish: Maya and Drake

Maya was popular online, and loved posting pictures. She had thousands of followers, and she had a long-term boyfriend.

She had a friend from camp who was dating a guy named Drake whom she met online. She had never met Drake, however.

Maya found Drake's profile online and was instantly interested. She began talking with Drake all the time, and they became close. Eventually Drake told Maya that he had broken up with her camp friend.

He then introduced her to someone named Makayla, who had also met Drake online and had never met him in person. Drake told Maya that he had developed feelings for Makayla.

Drake asked Maya to facilitate a relationship between himself and Makayla.

Makayla and Maya became friends and started hanging out in person. Still, neither of them had met Drake or even seen him on video. Drake then introduced Makayla and Maya to another girl, Jenny.

Jenny also seemed strange, and wasn't willing to talk on video. This raised Maya and Makayla's suspicions. At that time, Makayla and Drake broke up.

One day, Makayla received a message from Maya saying Drake was there. Drake had asked Maya to lie and say that to Makayla.

Makayla didn't believe it and asked for a photo. Maya sent a blurry photo of two random people. Makayla found out and became mad at Maya, but Maya felt she had to lie to Makayla because Drake was "suicidal."

A few months later, Makayla's friend found a guy online who looked like Drake. The real photos of Drake were actually of a Belgian model. So Maya messaged him angrily.

Drake said that his parents wouldn't let him post his pictures on social media, so he sent them a real picture.

Meanwhile, Jenny also messaged Maya with pictures of Drake. Drake was apologetic, and Maya convinced him to give her access to his account online.

It turned out that Drake had very few friends, and many people were on his block list, including the people that Drake said were his friends and family. Maya told Makayla the she found out everyone they were talking to was fake.

They messaged the real guy whose pictures Drake had taken. That guy found a phone number and called it--the person who answered acted surprised and said his daughter did it.

They never found out who the real Drake was.

Catfish: Brianna and Dylan

Next we meet another Brianna. Brianna was a confident, outgoing college girl -- but she wasn't particularly popular. One day. she received a message from a guy who called himself Dylan. He had photos of himself as a jock.

The two became close, and communicated online. Dylan said he felt "awkward" talking on the phone.

But on New Year's Eve, she received a call from him. Eventually, Dylan asked Brianna to move to Colorado and go to college with him. She decided to do it!

Dylan quickly started acting strange. Still, Brianna booked her flights and got a dorm.

Brianna arrived in Colorado and found her dorm room filled with balloons when he she got there.

She messaged Dylan to meet him but he wouldn't come to visit her. He said he was out of town for two weeks visiting his dad.

Brianna's friends started to tell her that something was wrong. She kept telling Dylan that she wanted to meet but she eventually started to feel like they would never meet.

Brianna's friends told her to text Dylan and threaten to call the police. When she did it, Dylan said "don't call the police" -- and he would be there in 15 minutes.

Minutes later, someone shows up on a motorcycle -- it's a woman named Diana. Brianna is really upset, and Diana tries to apologize.

Eventually, the two become friends. But Diana started bringing her a lot of gifts, but Brianna was sure that they were still just friends.

Brianna started dating a guy, and Diana started getting possessive. For example she started waiting outside during her dates and stalking her. The two got into a fight and Diana left. They never contacted each other again.

So that's another episode of Untold Stories. Crazy, huh? We'll have to wait until next season to see more, as this season is now over.

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