'Too Close to Home' Recap: Episode 8: Who Dies In the Explosive Finale?

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Tonight is episode 8 of TLC's Too Close to Home, and the finale.

But there have been so many unresolved story lines, we're not sure if there's enough time to find out what happens.

For instance, what's become of the President's wife? Will Anna's daughter Rebel forgive her? Will the main who assaulted Bonnie actually come back to finish the job? And what happened to Shelby?

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The episode starts off with a bang when Anna arrives at Brody's home, only to interrupt Bonnie and Brody, who are in the middle of having sex.

It's clear that Anna saw Bonnie and Brody together because when he greets her, she gives him a shocked look.

Meanwhile, Dax has an emotional reunion with Dax despite Victor's assurance that he's okay. Still, it's disrupted by Valerie's anger with Anna - she tells Anna that she and Dax got fired and the police have been stalking them. Later, when Bonnie and Brody have a chance to talk alone, Bonnie accuses of him continuing to be in love with Anna.

Still, Bonnie insists that she can't be with Brody because she believes he's going to break her heart. Brody reacts with frustration.

In the next scene, we find that the Sheriff is with Horace's wife - she's hysterical because he never came home. J.B. proceeds to lie when asked if he's seen Horace. The sheriff tells him he needs to turn himself in for beating up Victor.

It's clear J.B. has bigger problems because he tells the Sheriff he'll turn himself in once he resolves a few things.

He then runs into the bathroom, where he does a line of cocaine to calm himself down, but gets interrupted by Bonnie's attacker, who tells him that he's run out of time.

When Anna emerges from Brody's bathroom she's greeted by Valerie, who continues to harass her with her anger. Despite Anna's emotional apology, Valerie tells her that she needs to get her life in order. Still, when Bonnie comes out of the house, she takes Anna to the car and reassures her.

Anna notes that she feels Brody is still hurt by what she did to him. Their conversation turns when Bonnie tells Anna about her attacker who she knows hurt her because of the J.B.'s drug dealing business.

Bonnie assures Anna that she will tell the sheriff about the incident.

Valerie has a chance to talk to Brody alone. Brody manages to explain to Valerie why Anna might have lied to everyone about her past. We learn from their conversation that Brody went to school to pursue veterinary medicine but returned home before finishing to take care of his mother who died.

Their conversation prompts Valerie to remark at how attractive Brody is and offer him the opportunity to connect him with friends who could find him a gig modelling.

Brody then offers Dax and Valerie the chance to stay in his home while they're waiting for Victor to recover.

Next, JB arrives at Brody's home telling him he wants to buy out his share of their home. Brody refuses to comply and tells JB to get out. Eventually, JB does leave when he gets a phone call.

Anna and Bonnie arrive home only to find Shelby at their doorstep, trying to create drama. Shelby confronts Bonnie and Anna, and taunts Bonnie with remarks about J.B. and Anna with accusations about Bonnie sleeping with Brody.

Shelby makes a surprising accusation about their father, who molested both Shelby and Anna, causing them to get pregnant with their children. Anna reveals that the reason her mother hates her so much is that Anna told Dr.

Allen and the Sheriff about their father's behavior.

In the last explosive scene, JB arrives to accost Shelby and finds out from her that Shelby sold the drugs she stole to the Kilmer boys.

As the sisters fight with JB to keep him from hauling Shelby away, Bonnie's attackers pull up and point their gunfire toward the group.

As the shots are fired, we're left asking, just who gets shot? What will happen on the next season?

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