Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Review/Recap: Goku vs. Gohan

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Preparations are underway for the Tournament of Power that is due to start in just a couple of hours.

Before that though, Gohan wants to test out his fighting skills and wants to face Goku in a sparring match. Episode 90 of Dragon Ball Super is an old-school fight that fans are sure to enjoy.

Before their fight happens, Goku is pigging out in a restaurant with Tien, Chiaotzu and Master Roshi. Gohan has done all the training he can with Piccolo, so now he wants to fight Goku to test out his skills.

After all, it's been many years since Gohan has been serious with his martial arts training. Goku never turns down the opportunity to fight so they go to a remote location to do business.

Tien is the only person that is a little worried because he doesn't want anyone to get injured before Tournament of Power.

Goku and Gohan aren't too worried though because they are Saiyans and Saiyans are born and bred to be tough warriors.

At first, Gohan and Goku fight in their base forms and it's a tag-team match. Both Piccolo and Tien are also involved and it's a battle royal.

Ring-outs count as they found a mountain that is perfectly sized like an arena. Gohan is pretty brutal to Tien as he knocks him down on two occasions. It's safe to say Tien is the weakest of the bunch.

Piccolo even does a cool move that pushes Goku near the edge of the mountain. This technique could prove to be very helpful since ring-outs are legal in the real tournament.

Before the fight can continue, Tien calls a time-out. The mountain is destroyed so the fighters take a mini break. Gohan still wants to fight Goku in a one-on-one match instead.

Gohan powers up to his Ultimate/Mystic form while Goku powers up to a Super Saiyan 2. This one-on-one fight is pretty epic and it's great to see Gohan being a tough badass again.

I was one of those huge Gohan fans that got annoyed that he became a nerd. Now it's great to see him back in fighting form.

The fight seems to be evenly matched, although Gohan knows his father is still holding back. He urges Goku to fight at his full power.

Goku does not disappoint Gohan because he becomes a Super Saiyan Blue. He even uses Kaioken on top of that too.

The two have a showdown that shakes the whole Earth. Even Vegeta who is miles away can sense the two warriors' huge energy.

In the end though. Goku's punch proves to be more powerful and Gohan is knocked out. Goku is still stronger than Gohan, although Goku is impressed with his abilities.

Goku is so impressed, he names Gohan as the team leader for Universe 7. I thought this was a great decision.

Goku is a selfish fighter and isn't good at cooperating with others in battle sometimes. Gohan is smarter in that regard as shown with him teaming well with Piccolo. Gohan is also a nicer person that gets along with others.

The only humorous side scene in this episode of Dragon Ball Super involved Gowasu from Universe 10. Gowasu is worried about picking fighters because he doesn't want to end up with another student as evil as Zamasu.

The Universe 10 God of Destruction named Rumoosh appears to help him out. Ramoosh suggests he should pick fighters that are muscular only.

If you watch WWE, let's just say Ramoosh has a similar mindset to Vince McMahon and likes huge muscular men. He suggests to Gowasu that a man called Murichim should join the team. Gowasu now looks more worried than ever...

Overall, episode 90 of Dragon Ball Super was highly entertaining. The fight between Gohan and Goku did not disappoint and it lasted the entire episode.

The only disappointing thing is the fact that Piccolo and Tien didn't get a chance to fight much.

We'll be sure to see them fight more when the tournament starts. Next week preparations are under way to assemble all of the fighters!

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