Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Review/Recap: Piccolo Trains With Gohan

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Dragon Ball Super episode 88 was on this week and it features both Gohan and Piccolo.

Due to Gohan focusing on his studies for so many years, Piccolo aims to make him stronger. He wants him to become as strong as he did when he first faced off against Super Buu.

The episode starts off quite immediately as Gohan and Piccolo are out training in the wilderness. As the two take a mini-break, Piccolo reveals to Gohan that Goku told him about everything.

Piccolo already knows about the Universe potentially getting erased if they don't win the Tournament of Power. He also knows that Gohan already had an exhibition match, but was still not as strong as his younger self.

Goku delegated Piccolo once again to be the mentor for Gohan. Their goal is to make Gohan the "Ultimate Gohan" we saw back in the Buu saga.

As of right now, the only two forms he can attain are just Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. Gohan still has the potential to reach his ultimate form.

Even though this episode focused mainly on Gohan and Piccolo, there are other scenes featuring other characters. One is a funny scene where Beerus wants to tell Bulma the truth about the universe getting erased. Whis says it might be a bad idea as Bulma will moan literally in his ear. Beerus fears of being called a "worthless god" by Bulma so he is keeping quiet. After all, they don't need the whole Earth to panic.

One other cool scene is Krillin and No. 18 training in their backyard. It's a short scene, but No. 18 is still stronger than Krillin after all these years. Training with Goku did not make Krillin any stronger...

Another interesting scene involves Cabba from Universe 6. Champa is lazy so Cabba is tasked to find warriors that will participate for Universe 6.

Cabba meets his old mentor named Renso. Cabba wants Renso to join the team, but Renso is retired. Not to mention Renso doesn't feel he can fight at full strength.

Renso insists that Cabba should try and recruit his sister named Caulifa. Cabba is a little scared in seeing Caulifa as the two don't seem to be friendly with one another.

Caulifa is a female saiyan that looks like a rebel. She might be the perfect candidate for the tournament.

The episode goes back to Gohan and Piccolo and the two are still fighting. Piccolo manages to beat Gohan with his long arms even though Gohan was fighting as a Super Saiyan 2. Piccolo notes that one of Gohan's biggest weaknesses is his arrogance.

He never goes all-out during fights. His arrogance was in full display when he fought Majin Buu. Even though the episode didn't mention it, he was also stalling when he was a teenager facing Perfect Cell too.

Piccolo tells Gohan to not hold back and Gohan powers up. The motivation seems to work because we see "Ultimate Gohan" for the first time since Dragon Ball Z.

This is one of the best scenes I have ever seen in Dragon Ball Super. Many fans hated how Gohan was a nerd, but now he's become a badass again.

Even though Gohan is much stronger in his Ultimate form, Piccolo still manages to beat him. When Gohan cuts off Piccolo's hand, he doesn't watch his back.

The severed hand shoots out a ki blast and gets Gohan from behind. Piccolo notes Gohan's second weakness which is letting his guard down. Piccolo says he must have gotten this trait from Goku.

After the sparring session ends, Piccolo says that Gohan has the potential to be even stronger than his Ultimate form. We may see another stronger form for Gohan if Piccolo manages to teach him right.

This is a cool tease for the upcoming episodes. Anyway, episode 88 ends on a humorous note as Yamcha thinks Goku will invite him to the Tournament of Power. Well we all know that he's not going to be invited...

Anyhow, Dragon Ball Super episode 88 was really cool especially if you are a Gohan fan. It's great to see the character getting back to martial arts again.

It was boring when he was just being a nerd and not getting involved in the main storylines. Next week we get to see Tien and Master Roshi. These two will be the final people in the Universe 7 team!

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