'Catfish' MTV: 'Larissa and Anthony' Recap, Wild Catfish Hunt

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To complete the double dose of MTV's Catfish, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph will help Larissa find out if she is being catfished by someone named Anthony. The catfishing doesn't seem to cease.

Schulman and Joseph are contacted by Larissa who is concerned that she might be getting catfished by someone named Anthony.

Her reserves seem to stem from a bad relationship that she had with her best friend from high school. Will the guys be able to help Larissa solve her problem?

The guys open up an email they received from Larissa, a 20-year-old female from Yakima, Washington. She explains that she has fallen in love with a guy named Anthony. She says her Catfish senses are tingling because she was catfished a year ago by one of her female friends.

Larissa said that Anthony refused to video chat and when he moved to Washington and didn't make an effort to see her that was the last straw. Schulman believes this is a double Catfish.

They call up Larissa and asked her why she is dating weirdo's online. She tells the story of how Jose turned out to be her friend Kimberly.

The whole school told her that she was being catfished but she didn't want to believe it.

It went on for three years and Larissa said that Anthony helped her decide to confront "Jose" about catfishing her. She told the guys that Anthony moved to Yakima and he didn't see her.

Larissa sent him close to $500 and the guys can't fathom why she would do this to herself. She tells them she doesn't want to give up just yet because she wants him to be real.

Schulman and Joseph believe that Larissa is one of the most naive people they have ever spoken to. They fly out to Yakima to meet Larissa.

Larissa is waiting for them on the porch when they pull up. She tells the guys that she loves it there, however, it's just lonely. She feels restricted because her mom's boyfriend controls the Wifi.

She doesn't have a relationship with her dad but spent years questioning why he wasn't there for her.

Joseph thinks maybe there is a connection. Larissa then told them about the connection she and Anthony shared after he helped her through a rough situation.

Schulman says she needs to give up on the idea that Anthony could be real. He asks Larissa to show them what she had and they are concerned that she sent him money. She said she sent him the money while he was in Alaska.

He is a fisherman and while he was out there, he cheated on her.

Schulman and Joseph tell her that she needs to understand that she is being way too trusting in this person. They feel that her good qualities could end up getting her hurt.

They will take care of figuring out Anthony as long as Larissa learns to put herself first. The guys set out to find out what they can on Anthony. They open up an email with all of the information she has.

They use and image search but there are no hits on any of them. They try both phone numbers and come up with nothing.

They called the car dealership where Anthony used to work to find out if he exists. However, the employee there said that he didn't have anyone there.

They mentioned that he was a fisherman and the employee recognized that detail, however, his name was not Anthony, it was Jose! They call up Mark, a name they received from the employee at the dealership.

Mark tells them that Jose moved to Kodiak, Alaska.

They find a photo of Jose who lives in Kodiak and happens to be from Los Angeles. The guys head over to deliver the news to Larissa and feel like Larissa is going to hold out hope for the new Jose.

They lay the truth on Larissa, going through all of the investigating they did. They show her the photo and Larissa says she hopes that isn't the guy she is talking to.

Larissa says it's messed up to make her think she isn't being catfished again when he was the person catfishing her. Schulman leaves a message for Jose to get into contact with them.

He decides that they should just go out to Kodiak anyway. To get to Kodiak they must leave in that moment. They take what is Larissa's first flight in hopes that they can find Jose.

They haven't heard anything from Jose but they are taking in the beauty of Kodiak. They meet up with Larissa the next day and tell her that they haven't heard from Jose.

They have a photo of him and decide to hit the streets and ask around to see if anyone has seen him. They walk around frantically and come up to a coffee shop but no one seems to know Jose.

They move on to a local bar where no one has seen him until a bartender points out that Jose works at the cannery nearby. They head over to the cannery and Schulman walks in.

He meets a woman named Jessica and tells her who he is looking for. Jessica says that Jose is there and that she will grab him for them. The nerves start to set in.

Jose sees Schulman first and asks how they knew it was him. Schulman explained how it all happened and Jose asks for them to go somewhere else. Jose comes out to meet Larissa and she does not look happy.

She wanted to know why he was catfishing her. Jose says there is no easy way to explain but Larissa says she is demanding an explanation.

Jose says he is not a jerk and he created the page to get back at Anthony who is a former friend of his from Seattle.

He said that Anthony got together with a girl he was into. Larissa said Jose should have been a man. Jose says he knows he messed up and he regrets it. Jose said at first it was just a game but after awhile it became something else.

He said he liked her as a friend and Larissa says he broke her heart even more. Jose says he asked for the money to get home. He says the money he sent was never touched.

Jose said he went to Kodiak to stay away and get a fresh start. Joseph says that is only something that happens when he murders someone. Jose says he has issues with the law and he is on the no-fly list.

He said he knew it would catch up to him. Joseph doesn't understand how he could Catfish someone who had already been catfished. They decide to break for the day.

Larissa says it doesn't make sense but the guys tell her that she needs to understand that people do nasty things. The next day, the guys meet up with Larissa who says she is upset because she doesn't feel like Jose knows he is wrong.

She does feel better knowing that she isn't being fooled anymore. She says she wants to make the best of the last talk.

Jose sends them his address and invites them over to talk one last time. They arrive at his place and the guys tell him that they want to know who he is. He says his biological father was a drunk and he was kicked when he was two.

He had to be sent to the hospitals because his organs were coming out.

He has a brother in the Marines and a sister in the Navy. He admits that he got into the wrong crowd and continued to mess up.

Jose said that he is leaving tomorrow morning to live life in solitude and get away. He got a job on a boat. Larissa says she understands that Jose is going through a rough time but it's still bad to upset her.

Jose said he lied when he told her he cheated on her. Jose said he shouldn't have said what he said yesterday.

He said he never had someone in his life who cared about him and once he had it he started to feel good. Joseph says it's the final opportunity for Jose to tell Larissa how he feels about her. Jose tells Larissa that he loves her and that he really has feelings and still does.

He regrets hurting her but not getting to know her. Larissa told him he could have been himself but now it is all over.

She does not wish him bad and hopes he can find someone that cares for him. The talk went well and there is one final fishing joke to lighten the mood. The guys set out to get Larissa's money back and succeed.

A couple of months later, Larissa is now working and said she got a call from Jose who is in prison. He wants to know if there is still a chance. Larissa is now putting everything behind her.

Things couldn't get any stranger on this episode of MTV's Catfish.

Just when you thought 400 catfishes was bad, the show follows it up with an episode which finds the crew traveling all the way to an island near Alaska.

You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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