'Catfish' MTV: 'Jayme and Lucas' Recap, Over 400 Catfishes?

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After an extensive break, MTV's Catfish returns with the second half of it's fifth season with a bang. This time, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph are trying to help Jayme Nelson find a man, Lucas, who has been catfishing her.

Schulman and Joseph are on the hunt to catch what appears to be a serial catfisher in episode 13 of season five. Jayme Nelson (Instagram) is a female from Oregon and former Playboy Model, who learned that a man she was in a relationship with and disclosed private information with, wasn't who he said he was.

Joseph and Schulman take on the task of locating Lucas and find out what the motives are behind this very hurtful act.

Her email shared just how solid the relationship was until Lucas said he moved to Portland, but wouldn't meet her. She revealed that her friends did a reverse search on his images and caught him.

The called up Jayme who said that she met Lucas on Tinder and as a single mother of two, she didn't believe he would want to talk to her.

She owes the discovery of the catfish to her friends. The guys feel they need to put an end to this catfish.

They agree to meet up with Jayme (Match) who tells them about the relationship she had with Lucas. She also admitted that she is now a professional dancer.

She doesn't have a problem meeting guys but being a mom and being a dancer are the big problems.

The guys are very sympathetic with Jayme who said Lucas also told her that he worked at a daycare for some time. She asked him to meet up multiple times after moving out to Portland.

She also shared a story about having too much to drink with her friends one night and deciding to hit up Lucas.

They didn't believe he was who he said he was and asked him for a photo. They were sent a Snapchat that was exactly what they asked for, however, her friend thought it was photoshopped.

When they reverse searched the photo, it turns out that it was photoshopped. Then, they searched the original and found a guy named Trey. They searched Trey's photo and found many more photos on the profile.

Jayme (Facebook) then revealed that in the same day, she was contacted by a girl named Ursula who warned her to beware of a scammer named Lucas who is not who he claims to be.

She also said that Lucas was developing relationships with other women.

The guys want to video chat with Ursula to make sure that she is legit and she answers the call. She gets to meet Jayme digitally and also briefly explains that she met Lucas off of Tinder just like Jayme.

Ursula went as far as to book a flight to Missouri, but before she could go out there, he came clean to prevent her from doing so.

Ursula sent Lucas intimate photos and videos. She thinks it is a pattern and explained that she reached out to some of the girls he was contacting.

The guys wanted to fly Ursula out to Portland so she and Jayme can both confront Lucas. The guys are scared that Lucas could be a real monster. The guys go over what they know so far and search Lucas' phone number. They don't find any numbers that match up and they search another app and come up with the name Zac.

They find a bunch of Zac's from St. Louis and start looking at the different pages.

They find a page where the singer Lorde is the wallpaper and Jayme points it out. She instantly begins to cry knowing that she has been lied to.

Jayme, was incredibly emotional. While she knew about it, seeing it all in front of her disgusted her. Joseph said it is also selfish and twisted.

After revealing all of what they found with
They stopped for the day and the guys jumped into their car.

They devised a plan to have women from the crew play bait. They asked some of the crew members to do it and two of them agreed.

The next day, they learned that Lucas accepted the friend requests from the bait they set out. They see that Lucas is just following all women.

The guys know they need to hurry up and catch the perpetrator.

The guys and Jayme finally get to meet up with Ursula who told them that she and "Lucas" told each other they loved one another and were talking on a daily basis.

They learned that the catfisher had initiated phone sex with her often and Jayme said it happened to her once. Disgusted, the guys showed Ursula a photo they found attached to the number.

His name is Zac and when they showed her the photo they found, Ursula said she felt like she saw the photo before.

She told them that he told her he wasn't the guy in the photo. She compared it with a photo she had and they found a match.

The team revealed that they had some of the women on his crew add him on social media and he accepted. He also posted a recent photo.

Ursula said it was really messed up for him to do that because she was told she was the last person he would do it to, however, it turns out that was a lie. Ursula also told the crew that the man revealed that the catfishing was explained as an experiment and that he had catfished over 400 girls.

The guys are grossed out and they get a text from one of their casters.

They found a girl named Sarah who believed she is being catfished by the same man. They call her and she tells them her story which is similar, though she also figured out that she was being lied to.

They want to have Sarah meet them in Missouri so that they can have more victims there to confront him.

They message a bunch of the other girls who are talking to him in hopes that they would be able to get some more information. The decide that it's going to be game over for this guy.

The team gets together to travel out to Missouri to confront their catfish. They arrive to find Sarah there waiting for them. Everyone sits down to rehash Sarah's story which started out the same way.

Schulman says they can find the guy and make it stop.

He decides they should take a picture with all of them together and send it to him with an ultimatum.

The send the photo and a message to Zac, which gives him a chance to tell his side of the story.

They get a reply and Schulman is shocked at what he read. He immediately runs to knock on Joseph's door and tells him the message is so gross he doesn't even want to read it.

The message basically says that the picture is great and he is at his parents house.

He agrees to meet but it's pretty creepy. A montage of the women that Zac has catfished plays as they make the drive to his house.

They arrive at the house and the three girls are clearly nervous. Schulman goes up to the door and rings the door bell. Zac answers the door and comes outside.

He admits that he knows the young women and came out to talk to them. Zac says he doesn't know where to begin and the guys tell him to start from where it all began.

He said it started a year ago when he wanted to know what kind of reception a goo looking guy would get as opposed to him. He was really happy with the attention that he was getting and when asked how many, he revealed it was almost 400.

The girls call him out and said it's disgusting. Zac says he recognized that it's not okay. Jayme asks him if he has ever hurt that bad and Zac says once or twice.

She says she doesn't need someone to come along and take away time from her children and her family. Schulman says that soliciting naked photos from the women was a huge line he crossed. They want to know where the photos are.

Zac says he deleted them and gave up his phone to prove it. They all realize that Zac is actually recording the conversation that they are having at the time. Joseph and the girls are immediately furious.

The tell Zac to take a step back and Schulman points out that he is finding some stuff on his phone. Schulman found a list of girls in his Google Drive. There are also statuses some of which read, on the verge of saying I love you.

They find photos of the girls which Zac said he didn't have. Joseph says there is something odd about the way he is talking to them. The girls don't believe that Zac has feelings.

They tell Zac that there is only one way to believe that he is sorry and that is by stopping. As they are leaving Zac says "miss you all" which sets Schulman off.

Zac goes back into the house and you can hear him say "nailed it." Everything about it is just very very odd.

Schulman and Joseph want to make Zac announce that he is fake and change the password of the account to something else.

They confront Zac again who invites them in. He admits that what he did was disgusting and perverted. The girls point out that they feel sexually violated. Zac is smiling and they want to know why.

Ursula feels like Zac is scripted. He says what he is saying is what he thinks they want to hear. Then, Zac says that there are things he doesn't feel sorry about.

Jayme feels like Zac is a child. He doesn't believe there is a need to dwell over what he did for house. Jayme leaves and says she is over it.

Everyone else leaves and the guys make Zac send out the message, as they change the password for the page. On the ride back the girls admit they are glad they had each other.

Two months later Jayme has not spoken to Zac and the girls and her chat every once in awhile. Jayme isn't dating she is focusing on her kids.

Zac cut his hair and shared some of the responses he received. He is off dating sites and says he is relieved to be free of everything.

What an explosive way to kick off the second half of season five of Catfish.

People are clearly continuing to go to new heights. You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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