'90 Day Fiance': Is Jorge Even His Real Name? Is He Not Actually Rich? Does He Get Married? (Spoilers)

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Arguably, the most interesting couple of this season of 90 Day Fiance is Jorge and Anfisa. But there is much more to this couple that meets the eye.

Is Jorge really as rich as he says (and the producers want you to believe?) Do he and Anfisa end up tying the knot? Is Jorge even his name? We've got some shocking spoilers.

Warning: 90 Day Fiance Spoilers Below

Here we go, spoilers are ahead, so if you don't want to read them, stop now (you can read our 90 Day Fiance recaps of previous episodes here).

There are tons of updates to this article....

90 Day Fiance: Do Jorge and Anfisa End Up Getting Married?

Jorge and Anfisa have had their share of rough times.

From the beginning of the show, it seemed so clear that Anfisa was just after Jorge's money -- but things are not always what they seem (more on that later).

After Anfisa asks for a $45,000 dress, a $10,000 allowance, and countless designer items, does Jorge get fed up?

There are differing answers.

According to Starcasm, Jorge sent Anfisa back to Russia:

A source tells us that Jorge made the final decision, sending Anfisa back to Moscow a while back -- on his own dime I'm sure. Anfisa is crafty though, and she sure is hungry for attention, so I'm thinking we might see her on another season of 90 Day Fiance with a new betrothed. That is pure speculation, but remember that you heard it here first!

But the truth isn't so clear. Bedsides their anonymous source, there's no corroborating information that this may be true. In fact, Anfisa has almost definitely not been sent back to Russia.

We did some research, and even as recently as a few days ago she was still in California.

In fact, you can see evidence of being in the US in many of her photos. For example, this one, at a very American mall:

A photo posted by Anfisa (@___anfisa_____) on

So Are 90 Day Fiance's Jorge and Anfisa Now Married?

So then the question is: knowing Anfisa is in the US, are Anfisa and Jorge still together? It appears they aren't.

Anfisa has no mention or photos of Jorge after May, and while we did see the couple get married on the show, it is possible the marriage was annulled.

This photo was uploaded yesterday, but from our research, it was actually taken in May.

For his part, Jorge's (alleged) Facebook has a last photo of the two of them in July. There are no posts after that.

The verdict: We believe that Anfisa is still in the U.S. and may have met another guy, but she and Jorge are no longer together.

Update: Jorge and Anfisa do end up marrying, and during the final tell-all for the show, they are together (but they're fighting throughout). Meanwhile, Reality Tea claims that they have a source that recently saw Jorge and Anfisa fighting in an old, beat up Mercedes.

However, there's absolutely no confirmation of that, and we still believe that our initial analysis was accurate -- that they don't remain together.

Anfisa has made her Facebook page private, so we don't really have a way to verify at this point.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge's Real Name?

Is Jorge really even his name? Many people have suggested it isn't, and since Jorge isn't easily searchable online like Anfisa, it's a fair assumption. In fact, Jorge's Facebook photos and information come up under another name: "Andrew Lopez."

So is Jorge really Andrew Lopez? Well, from our investigation, we're pretty confident that Andrew Lopez's Facebook is the real Jorge's. On it, you see photos like this one:

And this one, which was on Anfisa's Facebook as well:

Digging deeper, we see that Jorge's sister Lourdes (who we have seen in the show) is friends with "Andrew Lopez" and has liked his photos.

A Russian friend of Anfisa's has also liked "Andrew's" photos.

The Russian friend is still friends with both Anfisa and "Andrew," but notably, Anfisa is not friends with "Andrew" -- and vice-versa (which would be expected, given what we wrote above).

Our research, however, indicates that Jorge's real name is not "Andrew Lopez." It is Jorge (his last name can be found somewhere on the Facebook page, but we're not going to publish it because he clearly doesn't want people to know it).

Jorge actually used to have his real name on his Facebook very early on, but he changed it in order to hide his identity. There are still likes of 90 Day Fiance under his original name on foreign Facebook sites.

Is 90 Day Fiance's Jorge Transgender?

No. This was a ridiculous rumor which appears to have started on Reddit.

Is 90 Day Fiance's Jorge Really As Rich As He Seems?

The most common question asked online about Jorge is: is he really as rich as he says? On the one hand, he talks about his business, and shows up to pick up Anfisa in a $160,000 car.

On the other hand, he seems to have hardly any possessions, and his original car was a beat up old Japanese sedan.

So is he really rich? Our answer is: probably not.

First, at least to date on the show, he has never spent a large amount of money on Anfisa, and even though he goes to expensive stores, he doesn't end up spending.

Second, we did some digging into the hotel he was staying at before finding an apartment. The hotel is Avenue of the Arts Costa Mesa, which isn't a super expensive hotel. In fact, most rooms are under $200/night.

While this is by no means cheap, it's not consistent with someone who has a $160,000 car or $45,000 dress.

Furthermore, given rental prices in Costa Mesa, CA, we estimate that even if his apartment was in the most high-end building in the city, the price would be around $2500/month.

It would take more than five years of rent to pay for the car.

So how did he get the R8? Something seemed off with that car -- it didn't even have a license plate on the show. We speculate that it may have been a rental.

The show's producers may even have rented it to make the scene more realistic. But in the end, we don't know.

Regardless, the numbers don't seem right. When he says he makes six figures, that's probably correct. But we believe that it's a low six-figures, like a large percentage of Americans.

Update: We saw Jorge planning to buy a ring for Anfisa in a recent episode. He wants to spend just over $10,000, and he says he had a budget of up to $15,000.

The general rule is that you spend 3 months' gross salary on a ring, meaning he makes about $5000/month or $60,000 a year.

We can assume he paid less than three months, maybe 1.5 to 2 months -- which would put him at a maximum of around $120,000 per year. A good salary, but by no means rich in today's world.

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