Explosive: The Truth About '90 Day Fiance' Nicole and Azan's Relationship

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Nicole and Azan are certainly one of the more controversial couples of this season of 90 Day Fiance.

Azan's disappointment on seeing how Nicole looked in person, Nicole's cheating admission and Azan's refusal to even hold hands with Nicole in Morocco have been some of the incidents in this relationship that have definitely made it hard for us to believe that this couple is destined to walk down the aisle.

So, what does happen in their relationship? Do Nicole and Azan make it to the alter? Or is Nicole's trip to Morocco the last that she sees of Azan? We tracked down spoilers from social media to give you the scoop on what's to come for these two love birds.

Warning: 90 Day Fiance Spoilers Below

According to Starcasm, Nicole and Azan are one of several couple who won't be getting married by the end of the season. In fact, Azan wasn't even at the taping of the end of the season 'Tell All" episode.

Additionally, it's not clear if Azan ever even traveled to the US. According to the Inquisitr, it's unknown whether Nicole and Azan even got a K1 visa, which allows entree of the fiance of a US citizen to enter the US.

As TVRuckus additionally points out, given the number of episodes that have already aired and the usual 3 month long period of time that the show spans, all of the couples are only a few weeks away from having to tie the knot.

Still, we got the real scoop on this 90 Day Fiance couple when we found what appears to be Azan's Facebook.

There, we see Azan enjoying a Starbucks drink and Nicole commenting affectionately about himas late as August of this year.

In addition, on what appears to be Nicole's twitter, it looks like she's decided to do everything she can to please Azan, considering his desire to have her lose weight and looker healthier:

And, Nicole was also promoting fans visiting Azan at his own Twitter as recently as October.

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But even more interesting, is that Nicole alludes to a rumor that she's going to disprove:

Could Nicole be implying that the prevailing view on the internet that she and Azan break up is actually wrong? So what you do you think? It seems to us as if this couple might actually make it!

Can you spot any signs of impending disaster in this video? See this clip of Nicole and Azan's casting tape:

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