Shocking 'The Spouse House' Update: Kelli Jo and Jimmy Getting Divorced!

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The breakout romance of The Spouse House on TLC was Kelli Jo and Jimmy. They seemed to be headed for a wonderful marriage, but apparently it has hit the rocks.

Kelli Jo posted this at the end of November on Instagram:

Alright. Rime to update you all if you don't already know...with words. Thank you to all my family, friends, and fans who supported me as I took a crazy journey to find love. I am heartbroken to tell you that Jimmy has recently filed for divorce. This was his decision alone.

But to be honest he made this decision in his mind long ago and behaved as a single man since almost day one. I was 110% all in and fought as hard as I could as I truly believed he was my match forever.

But no amount of fighting or trying could save what was never there for him in the first place. While this is hard to post and a bit embarrassing ...I am going to be just fine and much better off. Time to put this behind me. Onwards and upwards!

She wrote this as well:

He filed in the beginning of October. As of now I am in a really good place. I want to leave this all behind in 2017 and have a fresh New Year. Thank you for watching the show, for all your support and messages! I really do appreciate all of them!

Kelli Jo had married Jimmy in one of the few relationships that actually lasted through The Spouse House.

However, there were already signs of problems, as at the end of the series, Jimmy wasn't sure if he wanted to marry Kelli Jo.

Things appear to have gotten worse after the show ended, as Kelli Jo posted many Instagram pictures without Jimmy.

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