Hans Zimmer Is Back To Score Superhero Movies With Wonder Woman 1984

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A few months ago composer, Hans Zimmer, announced that he was no longer composing music for comic book/superhero movies ever again.

At the time, many people thought Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would be his last movie scored in the popular genre.

Hans Zimmer's short hiatus from the genre affected the quality of the score in last year's Justice League movie. Danny Elfman scored Justice League, but his score was not memorable or iconic as Zimmer's previous efforts in the DCEU.

Now as reported by Hans-Zimmer.com, Hans Zimmer has signed on to score Wonder Woman 1984 which is coming out in late 2019 in cinemas worldwide. He replaces Rupert Gregson-Williams who scored the first Wonder Woman movie in 2017.

That said, Zimmer was the one that scored the memorable Wonder Woman theme in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice so he's already familiar with the character and the overall tone of the DCEU. ComicBookMovie.com also states that Zimmer is already signed on to score 20th Century Fox's X-Men: Dark Phoenix which also comes out next year.

It's cool to see Zimmer back in the superhero genre as he was sorely missed when he took a mini break from comic book movies.

Sure people have different opinions on the quality of the DCEU, but one thing fans agree on is most of Zimmer's work on the DC movies have been excellent.

Wonder Woman 1984 is sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman and it takes place in the '80s during the height of the Cold War.

Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot are back so the sequel should still be as awesome as the first movie.

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