'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: 'Human Prey' Season 2 Episode 3

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This episode of Naked and Afraid XL is bound to be intense after Clarence was medically removed from the challenge.

In "Human Prey," episode three of season two of Discovery's Naked and Afraid XL, the teams will run into ticks, leopards and at times butting heads with their own teammates.

The tap-out count is now two with Carrie gone in week one and Clarence gone in week two.

Kim and Darrin seem to be growing closer in the challenge and are able to work as a team to rid each other of ticks.

While Clarence is gone Jake and Stacey have found the all female team of Tawny, Phaedra and Alyssa, which should make it easier to carry on as a larger community.

The all male team of Steven, Ryan and Angel clearly have some issues when it comes to hunting, will that be their downfall?

It's day 13 and Kim has been battling tick fever for two days without anything to eat. If she can't get enough protein her immune system will continue to weaken.

Her teammate Darrin is willing to step up in order hunt for food. He hasn't had any luck, though.

The group of 5 has lost their main fish provider, so they'll have to think up a new way to capture food. Phaedra and Jake each try to catch some fish but they both come away unsuccessful.

Tawny seems to have come down with tick fever and it cause the rest of her group to become paranoid. At night, the group finds a scorpion crawling around their camp.

There's tension in the all male group between Ryan and the other two. He has many plans for the campsite and how to hunt.

He finds the other two to be too unmotivated for him. While at the small pond hunting, Ryan catches a lizard. It's the first food for this group since the challenge started.

Kim makes a basket in an attempt to catch some fish. Her illness is getting worse and Darrin keeps striking out when he goes out hunting.

While out searching for food, Phaedra and Stacey come across a leopard's kill really close to their shelter. They don't feel safe going on just the two of them, so they turn around.

They come back with Jake and Alyssa. The four of them decide to take the leopard's kill as their own. It provides them with a lot of meat as well as a hide they can fashion into shoes.

When they start eating the meat, though, it's extremely rancid. Since they're starving they're all eating it anyway. At night, the leopard prowls closer to their camp.

Ryan wakes up at sunrise in order to maximize his day while his teammates continue to rest. He comes across a few wildebeests and becomes frustrated that he's alone.

He finally brings up the lack of motivation to the others. Steven argues that Ryan doesn't want to work as a team but to order them around.

Darrin checks the fish basket but there's nothing inside. Kim's not sure how much longer she'll be able to last without food. Darrin is also being effected by the lack of food.

He's losing the energy to hunt big game and he can't find any small game. Ryan sets up a trap to catch a warthog.

Steven has gone off to hunt on his own in order to prove that he has skills of his own and that he doesn't have to rely on Ryan.

Angel is being warn down by the constant tension between the group and whatever has been stalking their camp at night.

Jake decides that the smartest move for them is too go in search for more people. While Tawny seems stable, she's not at her best yet.

Worried, Stacey stays behind at camp with her when the others go in search for more people. Instead of finding humans, they stumble upon the leopard. Luckily, it seems to leave them be.

Africa has taken its toll on Angel. The very real danger of the whole challenge is making him rethink his decision to be here.

He believes that putting his life at risk unnecessarily is a way of failing his family.

He explains his choice to leave to his teammates in a way that makes them understand and support him. Africa is not his real challenge, his real challenge is being the best father to his daughter that he can be.

With Angel gone, Ryan and Steven have lost their buffer. Alyssa, Jake, and Phaedra are still out looking for others.

Darrin and Kim are praying to get more people in order to help hunt but neither of them are in any condition to go out looking for themselves.

Kim is very close to accepting that she won't make it to the end of this challenge.

"Human Prey" definitely proves that season two of Discovery's Naked and Afraid is much heftier in intensity.

Will the contestants be able to hang on and complete the 40 days and 40 night challenge? Fans can continue to follow the Naked and Afraid XL challenge on Sundays at 10 PM on Discovery.

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