'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: 'Rock Bottom' Season 2 Episode 5, Where is Darrin?

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This week things start to get a little more intense on Discovery's Naked and Afraid XL challenge. In "Rock Bottom," episode five of season two, things get a little scary when Darrin and doesn't come back from a hunting trip.

Thankfully there are no tap outs to report before all of the madness begins.

What's even more interesting is the fact that all of the teams have come together to make one big happy tribe.

Though, is it going to get too overwhelming at times when resources continue to get much harder to compile? Also, what will happen as a result of Darrin's disappearance?

It's day 22 and they've just caught an animal in their snare. Just as they get closer, it runs off. Ryan, Jake, and Alyssa go to check out what went wrong.

It becomes apparent that it was Ryan's snare that failed to keep the game in one place. Everyone is really disappointed and frustrated. The day turns into an uneasy night when it starts to rain.

Steven is feed up with Ryan's way of hunting and Darrin agrees. He thinks they should go back to hunting at the Alpha camp ground. Steven and Darrin decided to do just that.

As they get ready Darrin keeps correcting everything Steven is doing. Needless to say he's getting on Steven's nerves. As they start their journey, they are reminded about all the animal threats. Darrin stops them suddenly when he hears something.

At Swati Valley, everyone is trying their hardest to make the group work. Alyssa, Stacey and Kim go to collect cattail roots to eat. Steven and Darrin arrive at the other camp.

They start to set up their hunting grounds. Some deer pass Steven but they are too far out of range for his spear. They keep trying but every attempt fails.

Back at the other camp, Ryan has fashioned himself a viking's hat with wildebeest horns and snare wire. The deer have begun to recognize the snares and are avoiding them. After a failed day, Steven asks to borrow Darrin's bow.

Darrin is really not into that idea. Tensions rise between them. At night they start to hear lions prowling around their shelter.

Ryan asks Phaedra to show him the animal den they had found earlier. The porcupine has left and a warthog has moved in.

It would mean enough food for everyone but it's a dangerous mission.

They decide to smoke it out, anyway, but it doesn't seem to be home. They come to the conclusion that it's time for the whole group to move on.

Steven is becoming even more frustrated and annoyed that Darrin won't let him use his bow. He decides he's going to throw his whole body into the next animal he sees. With a rock in his hand, Steven, chases after an entire herd.

This obviously doesn't work. Darrin is very disappointed by this show of incompetence.

Steven wants to stay but Darrin believes they should keep their promise to go back to the group. They start arguing and Steven says he's staying as well as keeping the bow with him.

Steven has finally gotten the bow. Darrin heads back to the camp. They're both in danger being on their own. Darrin makes it back to camp.

He starts telling everyone about Steven's mistakes. Of course, it makes everyone really angry. The whole groups heads back towards Steven. Jake is gearing up for his confrontation with Steven about the bow.

A huge herd of Cape Buffalo wander down to the water close to Steven's hiding spot. He begins to fear that he may be in a lot of danger. They leave without inflicting any harm but the trouble isn't far because the group has arrived.

Jake confronts Steven. It hurts his feelings when Jake takes the bow back. Steven tells his side of the story to the group, turning the blame on Darrin. Trust is fractured between Steven and the rest of the group.

Alyssa, Darrin, Jake, Kim, Phaedra, Ryan, Stacey, Steven and Tawny definitely have their work cut out for them despite banding together as one big tribe. It's much harder to feed a larger group of people than it is to feed two or three.

It will be interesting to see if they can all continue to get along during a full 40 day and 40 night challenge, which has proven to be incredibly difficult.

"Rock Bottom" is one of the most intense episodes this season after what seemed like a pretty mellow and happy episode last week.

Discovery's Naked and Afraid XL is really pushing the envelope with this season and it makes for some compelling TV. Fans can continue to follow the Naked and Afraid XL challenge on Sundays at 10 PM on Discovery.

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