'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: 'The Last Roar' Season 2 Episode 8

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It's the final leg of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL." Last week, a sickness spread through most of the group and they were forced to call medical in three times.

In "The Last Roar," the remaining survivalist will be moving towards the extraction point while trying to avoid predators and fight off exhaustion.

The tap-out count has risen after bad fruit caused a sudden sickness to effect most of the group. Phaedra was forced to leave the challenge by the medical team when her symptoms kept getting worse.

Kim was evacuated from the campsite when she too fell ill. Jake was removed from the group but seemed to be getting better in the medical tent and could be back in the challenge.

Darrin, Stacey, Steven, and Alyssa are the only ones not severally effected by the sickness.

They will be moving towards the extraction point as the challenge comes to an end. There's a tension between most of the group and Darrin, after he tried to step up as leader.

Between the predators and their sick teammates, the group didn't get much sleep. As the morning comes, so does Jake. He's the only one who was cleared by the medics.

They're still going to check up with him every 24 hours. Stacey is emotional about Phaedra's departure because it reminds her of when she was sent home.

Steven goes out fishing. He is determined to make sure everyone has enough protein in order to make it through the last week.

Darrin has a similar idea and sets off by himself. Stacey is out with Steven's slingshot in order to try using it to kill birds. She is victorious but only manages to catch a tiny bird that while delicious is certainly not enough. At night, it starts to rain hard.

Another night without much sleep. The medics come to check on Jake and they notice that his eyes are really yellow meaning his liver having problems. Jake decides to go home. The team has to say goodbye to their leader.

Darrin starts pushing his opinions on the others. None of them really listen. To prove his worth, Darrin goes out to hunt.

Alyssa and Steven come across a lizard and start to chase after them. Darrin comes across them and tells them to shoot it with a bow.

Darrin thinks it's pointless to expend energy on something he knows he can't catch. However, not trying to help at all is just gonna make the rest of the group like him even less.

At night, some animal gets chased really close to their den. In the morning, they go to check it out and find a ton of lion prints. They decide to make their den more secure but all that building is just making them hungrier.

Alyssa and Stacey go out to build a snare in hopes of catching big game. Steven goes to check out a warthog den alone.

He decides to smoke whatever is in there out. He crawls all the way into the dark den in order to plant flaming elephant dung inside the hole.

He sets up his net at the mouth of the den and then leaves. The warthog ran out of the den but didn't get trapped by the netting. It's the final full day of the challenge, Alyssa, Steven, and Stacey go out in search of food. They don't find any food but do find two male lions ideal laying a few feet away from them.

Steven tries fishing. He rigs two fishing poles and ends up catching four catfish. They're all eating tonight. Darrin even thanks Steven.

On their last night, the lions come so close that they can see them through the branches. It's day 40, and it could not have come sooner for the left over survivalist.

They prepare for the hike to the extraction point, four miles away. At any moment one of them is keeping their eyes peeled and they're all trying to be as quiet as possible.

As the day goes on, the heat ramps up and their only motivation is just the finish line being so close.

They all make it to the extraction point. Alyssa, Steven, Stacey, and Darrin made it the 40 days surviving in the wilderness and each other.

"The Last Roar" was an intense episode as the remaining members make the trek from their final campsite to the extraction point.

A sigh of relief can be made as the winners of the 40 day challenge go home. Be sure to catch the special episode on Wednesday, August 31st at 10pm, when the survivalist come back to talk about their experiences.

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