'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: 'Too Many Chiefs' Season 2 Episode 4

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The tap outs just continue to roll on Discovery's Naked and Afraid XL.

Now, sickness is threatening two major contenders: Kim and Tawny. In "Too Many Chiefs," episode four of season two, the sick will have to figure out if they can handle the rest of their days in South Africa.

Kim is sick with the tick-induced fever and Tawny is also battling the same thing, though it isn't 100 percent clear as yet. Tawny's tribe which includes Jake, Stacey, Phaedra and Alyssa, discovered a pretty big food source, though it was dead when they found it and tasted like it too.

Ryan caught a lizard and his team was pretty ecstatic, though Ryan wasn't happy with his team's performance.

It all comes crashing down for the team, and Angel decides to tap out, leaving Ryan and Steven, who got into a pretty heated confrontation.

Will Darrin be able to carry Kim and help her evade her tick sickness or will he be left alone? Carrie is gone, Clarence is gone and so is Angel, who is next?

It's day seventeen and Jake, Phaedra, and Alyssa have just gotten away from a leopard. As Kim is giving up hope, she and Darrin hear the voices of the group out looking for others.

She gets excited. Darrin, however, thinks the extra bodies will hinder their survival.

Tawny is feeling slightly better. She's able to stay upright but she doesn't want to push herself. While searching in the brush, Tawny and Stacey find some kind of fruit.

Steven and Ryan are both ready to fight each other.

The trip back to the camp gets a little rough as the sun makes its way to the center of the sky. Tawny and Stacey are throwing up because of what they ate.

Ryan and Steven get ready for the night watch. They'll be switching every two hours but Ryan doesn't believe Steven can handle it. During the night, the large group hears a Hyena that has shown up to snack on their leftovers.

At some point during the night, Phaedra has started to develop tick fever. She's the third and now almost half their group is effected by it.

Ryan decides that if he and Steven are alone together than they are going to explode, so he decides to go in search of another group. On his way he finds an aloe plant that will bring nutrients as they go towards the camp fire Ryan spotted.

It's a serious trek for the two men.

Phaedra is feeling guilty about how hard Jake is working and that she can't help him at the moment. Jake catches a fish for Kim and Darrin because they've gone much longer than the rest of the group.

Unfortunately, he doesn't catch anymore. While walking, Ryan steps on a thorn, he looks back for the aloe but Steven has dropped it somewhere along the way.

Soon, Ryan and Steven spot the lake where all the rest of the people are. Now everyone's together.

Steven seems to be most excited about getting a good nights sleep.

That night everyone learns that there isn't a lot of room in the shelter for them all to lay comfortably. The next morning, Jake and the girls decide to do some renovations.

While they all try to work on the shelter it becomes apparent that too many are stepping up to lead and not enough are following. After they get the shelter settled, they start a constant cycle of boiling water so it's safe to drink.

Phaedra accidentally drinks some of the water that hasn't been boiled yet. On top of the tick fever, now she has to worry about the effects of the dirty water. She forces herself to throw it back up.

Ryan starts to set up his snare trap again. Alyssa and Jake have already come up with plans for snares. As they're working to set it up, Ryan comes along and starts yelling to them to cover themselves in mud or their scent will be all over the trap.

Alyssa and Ryan don't listen to him. Darrin goes off hunting by himself. Kim seems to feel the same about Ryan as the other two. He's too busy trying to be the leader.

During the night, a large thunder storm blows in. It keeps everyone awake and miserable.

An animal gets caught in the snare the next day.

Jake jumps straight into the water in order to get to the trapped animal as fast as he can. The rest of the group run around the lake weapons in hand.

"Too Many Chiefs" continues to show us just how dangerous Discovery's Naked and Afraid XL challenge is getting for some of the contestants. As time continues, the 40 day and 40 night challenge isn't getting any easier.

There is no telling what is going to happen next. Fans can continue to follow the Naked and Afraid XL challenge on Sundays at 10 PM on Discovery.

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