'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: 'Deadly Consequences' Season 2 Episode 6

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After last weeks debacle on Discovery's Naked and Afraid, it's going to be interesting to see how things continue this week in "Deadly Consequences" episode six of season two.

Alyssa, Darrin, Jake, Kim, Phaedra, Ryan, Stacey, Steven and Tawny have moved to the Tsonga Basin but conflict arises when Steven calls the rest of the team lazy while hunting with Darrin.

Now that there is a slight betrayal of trust, Steven has to work to earn it back.

Bigger problems arise in this episode when Ryan comes face-to-face with a wild animal and is left defenseless with no other members of the tribe to help him. Will everyone be able to survive this episode?

It's been over three weeks since the challenge started and everyone is desperate for food. Ryan gets an early start to the day because he's fed up with the group drama.

While he's out, he finds a few active animal dens. When he relays his findings to the rest of the group, they agree to send a party out the next day.

Steven catches a turtle in his net. Tawney and Stacey kill the turtle and boil it into soup. However, everyone's got a criticism about the way Stacey is cooking the turtle.

When the soup is done, she goes around yelling for everyone to come eat.

It scares away any game that the others were hunting which makes them annoyed. Stacey is getting to a tipping point and Tawney takes her out on a walk to let her rant.

Ryan decides that he's going solo with the smallest pot and a fire starter. Nobody thinks it's a good idea but they don't try to stop him.

At night the group is haunted by a leopard prowling around the outside of their shelter and a scorpion crawling through it. It's day 28 and Ryan has officially gone solo.

The rest of the group is getting nervous because they're all having trouble standing up and staying up. They decide that if they have no luck getting food on this day they're going to move closer to the extraction point. Ryan comes across a plant with a lot of rich fruit.

He immediately climbs the tree to knock down as many as he can. While walking on her own, Tawney blacks out.

When they get to her, she claims that she was stabbed by something when she fell. Stacey starts calling for a medic.

Tawney's injury is serious enough that she's pulled from the challenge. Stacey feels lonely without her friend. Ryan spots a lizard two feet away from him with no escape route.

It seems leaving the group was the right move for him so far.

Back with the others, they decided to try for protein one last time by putting all the snares in one location and herding a bunch of animals towards them.

Alyssa and Jake spook a male deer into action. Their plan worked, except for the fact that the cord broke. It seems they have no choice but to move on from this area. Ryan finds a high rock wall to build his shelter next to.

He sets up, builds a fire and starts eating. Ryan gets a good omen in the shape of the constellation Orion. Everyone else is pissed at him for going alone.

In the night, a lion starts circling Ryan's shelter. He starts to feel really ill.

Most of the pain is in his diaphragm and he ends up throwing up all over his campsite.

As the pain becomes so bad that he's on the verge of passing out, the lion starts beating against the door of his den.

"Deadly Consequences" might be one of the most dangerous episodes of Naked and Afraid XL in the challenges short history.

It's clear to see that it's getting ridiculously difficult to survive in such harsh conditions with so many mouths to feed. Fans can continue to follow the Naked and Afraid XL challenge on Sundays at 10 PM on Discovery

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