Gianluca Vacchi Shows Off New Dance Moves On Streets Of Italy

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Gianluca Vacchi, the millionaire playboy known for his crazy antics and wild dance moves is at it again.

Don't ever say Gianluca Vacchi is boring. He drives the fanciest cars, flies private jets, and parties like there's no tomorrow.

But what he's most famous for is his dancing. You may remember a few months ago, Vacchi and his girlfriend, Giorgia Gabriele, gained Internet fame for this viral video:

But that wasn't Gianluca Vacchi's only dance. In fact, Vacchi is often seen in his videos performing wild dance moves.

Most of the time, he is dancing with girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele, but every once in a while he shows off his metrosexuality by doing a dance with a bunch of other guys.

This time, Vacchi and his crew decided to go out at night in the middle of an Italian street and show off their moves to J Balvin's hit Safari.

In the video, Vacchi and two of his friends ---- J Balvin himself -- move to the Safari beat, stepping up and down the street.

At the start, the street is empty and they are the only people there, but later in the video cars start coming down.

Check out the video:

A Crazy Year of Dancing And More For Gianluca Vacchi

Although Gianluca Vacchi has been dancing and having a lot of fun lately, this year hasn't been all fun for him. Only a few months ago, Vacchi was sent to the hospital for what appeared to be a mystery fever.

But it wasn't a fever. At the hospital, it was determined that Vacchi had "Necrotizing Fasciitis."

According to Giorgia Gabriele, he got the bacteria when trying to remove a hair or pimple. In the process, Vacchi had punctured his skin, and streptococcus bacteria entered.

It was very unclear if Vacchi would make it at that point, but he did.

Over the past few months, we have seen him rehabilitating. Originally he was walking with a cane, but now he is clearly as good as new.

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