Uh oh, Gianluca Vacchi is in Some Serious Trouble

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We've written many articles about Gianluca Vacchi's antics. The multimillionaire heir to an industrial fortune has been living life traveling the world, doing DJ work, and juggling models. But it looks like he's run into some serious trouble.

Apparently, Gianluca isn't quite as rich as he seems (as a lot of these guys are), and now he's having to deal with that fact.

According to Quotidiano, Gianluca has had his yacht (one of the ones you see in his many Instagram pics) repo-ed, and he has had to fork over a bunch of other stuff.

Interestingly, this all stems from his huge viral popularity from last year.

As you've probably seen here or somewhere else, Gianluca Vacchi and his former girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele became famous overnight after they made a video of themselves dancing on a yacht.

That video gained millions of views, and thrust them into the spotlight.

Quotidiano reports that the banks that lended to him, including Banco BPM (a conglomeration of lenders that had lent to GV) saw the video and were not happy. They had outstanding settlements against Gianluca and pounced.

They had already foreclosed on Gianluca Vacchi to the tune of 15 million euros, and now they've frozen assets, including shares in a golf club that he owned.

From the reporting, it appears that Gianluca actually owed up to $40 million US. He stopped paying at some time, resulting in credit problems. There was some sort of legal back-and-forth, and now Vacchi owes about half of that.

Gianluca Vacchi Was Never As Rich As You Thought

Quotidiano wrote that Gianluca has been on the "precipice" -- a "personal Titanic" for a long time.

He has been living far beyond his means for years. The total amount of his debt is estimated to be around 60 million euros by the paper.

In fact, he has been kept away from the family business as much as possible, and in exchange he has received around 5 million euros per year as payment. He has very little role in the operations of the business currently.

Interestingly, Quotidiano also reports that GV's 12 million followers may be fake -- purchased for the sake of making him go viral.

Could This Have Something To Do With The Giorgia Gabriele Breakup?

Gianluca Vacchi only recently broke up with his very-long-time girlfriend, Giorgia Gabriele. The breakup seemed strange at the time because in an interview we reported on recently, Gianluca had been talking about marriage and babies.

And little came out in the tabloids/news outlets about why the couple may have broken up.

Regardless, Gianluca continues to live it up, flying private jets across Europe.

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