Gianluca Vacchi Celebrates His 50th With A New Album

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Gianluca Vacchi turned 50 this week, but he's definitely not slowing down.

After breaking up with his girlfriend of several years, Giorgia Gabriele, and starting to date Ariadna Gutierrez, Vacchi has blown the lid on a new project he has coming up.

What is it? It looks like Gianluca Vacchi is about to release a new record. The record is called Vento, and although we don't have a date for release, Vacchi claims it will be out soon.

You can watch a video here:

Gianluca Vacchi has been working on this material for a while, and has been doing DJ sets all over Europe as well as in Miami in order to prepare.

The new album is something he's clearly wanted to do for quite a while, although he had previously been busy with girlfriend Girogia Gabriele.

At 50, Gianluca Vacchi is also changing his relationship status. After several years of saying he planned to marry Girogia Gabriele, he abruptly split with her, and started dating Colombian beauty and almost former Miss universe Ariadna Gutierrez.

Vacchi has been posting quite a number of photos with his new woman, and has been seen on his yacht, at his beautiful Italian villa, and traveling Europe with her.

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