Gianluca Vacchi Ringing In 2017 As DJ For Hotel "Gatsby Party"

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Gianluca Vacchi has had a wild 2016. From becoming an Internet superstar to escaping death, he's done nearly everything. But he'll now add one more thing to that list: DJing a giant party at a swanky hotel in Switzerland.

Vacchi will be the DJ at the Ultima Gstaad's "Gatsby" party on New Years Eve.

The party, which has a cover charge of nearly $1000, will start with cocktails, and then include dinner and an after party. The description for the party is:

To celebrate the New Year, the Ultima Gstaad takes you on a journey through the 1920s. For one evening, relive the Roaring Twenties as if you were there! Imagine living an night organized by Gatsby in his chalet.

Vacchi says that it will be a "dope DJ set":

The partying has not stopped for Gianluca Vacchi this year.

Over the summer, Vacchi celebrated his 49th birthday with a star studded event that featured a yacht, a private chef, and of course a giant party for all of his friends.

This year, he also rode a Vespa underwater, flew a helicopter, and of course, did plenty of dancing.

However, this year also had its difficult points for Vacchi. He suffered from a very dangerious infection in the fall, which could have killed him.

He had to stay in a hospital for several days, and then he was forced to carry a cane for several more weeks.

But in the end, he recovered completely and he was able to start dancing soon after.

In the meantime, he had one of the most amazing homecomings, landing in a helicopter with all of his staff clapping, and some even crying.

There's no doubt that Gianluca Vacchi will do a great job DJing the New Years Eve event; but we're even more excited about Vacchi's 2017 and what maybe in store.

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