Gianluca Vacchi's Got A Hot New Girl After Breaking Up With Giorgia Gabriele

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Well that didn't take long, after Gianluca Vacchi and his girlfriend of several years, Giorgia Gabriele, broke up last month, he's been partying it up, and he seems to have found a new woman.

The woman, Colombian model Ariadna Gutierrez, has been posting all sorts of risque photos of herself with Vacchi. Gutierrez was a finalist for the title of Miss Universe in 2015.

Vacchi also posted photos of himself and Gutierrez in what appear to be his Italian estate, nicknamed H20.

Gutierrez is only 23 years old, less than half Vacchi's age, and much younger than Vacchi's ex, Gabriele. She previously won mis Colombia, and is well known in Colombia for her acting career.

You may remember Gutierrez from the Miss Universe incident of 2015, when she was the one originally handed the crown, before it was taken away and given to someone else. Gutierrez was extremely unhappy about that event.

Check out some of the pictures:

For her part, Giorgia Gabriele, Vacchi's ex, has been out on the town in Paris and promoting her business, Wandering. She doesn't seem to have a new beau yet, but she definitely seems to be moving on with her life.

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