Gianluca Vacchi And Giorgia Gabriele Do Miami, See The Super Hot Pics

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This week, Italy's hottest power couple Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele are turning Miami into their personal party base.

From hanging out with 50 Cent, to driving the town in half million dollar cars, to hitting the beach in the sexiest bikinis, Gabriele and Vacchi are taking Miami in their typical GV style.

Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele Hang With 50 Cent

No Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele party is complete without plenty of celebs and hot musicians. This week, the couple met up with rapper 50 Cent, Cahy Guetta, and others to party at a hot Miami nightspot.

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Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele appear to have purchased a penthouse condo at the super exclusive Setai in South Beach, where rooms go for up to several thousand dollars a night -- some rooms even have a private swimming pool.

While Vacchi has been hitting the town, DJing and hosting VIP events, Gabriele has been spending a lot of her time looking superhot at the beach.

Check out the life-sized stuffed sheep in the background.

Giorgia Gabriele Stuns in South Beach

The Setai has an expansive private beach, and Giorgia Gabriele is certainly taking advantage. Clad in the sexiest of bikinis, Gabriele has been hanging out on the private beach sipping coconuts and relaxing.

Gianluca Vacchi calls his new home S2S, or "sunrise to sunset" because there is a view of both the sunrise in the Sunset from the suite.

Of course, no GV trip is complete without some crazy dancing, and a hot car.

Vacchi and Gabriele took some time in Miami to cruise the streets in their half-million dollar matte black and white Rolls-Royce, while dancing to the beat from the car stereo.

Check out the video here:

Boy do these two know how to have fun!

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