Who is Gianluca Vacchi?

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For those who don't know, Gianluca Vacchi is a multimillionaire playboy who has captured the attention of the world with his wild dancing on Instagram. But there's much more to Vacchi than people know.

So we've decided to count down 10 of the most surprising secrets about this megastar. What are they? Looking for his wiki? Read on...

Secret #10: He's friends with many famous people

You may remember that Gianluca Vacchi first made US headlines when Zac Efron was staying at his house in Italy. Efron had something of a man-crush on Vacchi, leading to a lot of questions from the media. But Vacchi is close with many celebrities from all over the world.

He recently did a street dance to J. Balvin's hit Surprise, with none other than J. Balvin himself. Check it out:

Secret #9: He has positive words for Trump and Obama

Gianluca Vacchi spoke out after the 2016 elections about why he thought Donald Trump was so successful.

He believes that Trump has a "revolutionary spirit" and that he "broke the veil of bourgeois respectability, of hypocrisy." But he also admires Obama: "Americans are not children.

They have proven to be a super mature people voting for Barack Obama, the first black president."

Secret #8: His girlfriend admits she's interested in his money

When asked about how she became interested in Gianluca Vacchi, Giorgia Gabriele explained that it was not love at first sight.

In fact, they met at a party that Gabriele attended with another guy.

In an interview with Italian magazine Libero Quotidiano, she said that there are many qualities that she likes about Vacchi, but she does not want to be "a hypocrite" and say that his money doesn't matter to her.

Secret #7: He has a tattoo dedicated to Giorgia Gabriele

In pictures, you can see a tattoo on Gianluca Vacchi's hand that says "ti amo mia" which refers to his love, Giorgia Gabriele.

Vacchi is known for his many tattoos -- and it's because of the tattoos that he's often compared to (a tamed) Dan Bilzerian. Of course, Bilzerian is much more wild.

Secret #6: He loves Vespas

Gianluca Vacchi may have all the cool vehicles anyone would ever want, but he still loves the simple old Vespa.

Even though his daily-driver is a Rolls-Royce, and he has motorcycles, ATVs, and aircraft, he still loves the classic Italian scooter. In fact, for his 49th birthday, the gift that Giorgia Gabriele got him was a yellow vintage Vespa.

But being the daredevil that he is, Vacchi doesn't simply use Vespas for city driving... He does some crazy stunts with them, including this one, in which he drove underwater:

Of course, Vacchi loves other vehicles too -- like helicopters, motorcycles, and private jets. Check out his most outrageous rides of 2016 here.

Secret #5: He almost died of a bacterial infection

Earlier this year, Gianluca Vacchi suffered from a terrible infection, that could have killed him. We wrote about the ordeal in detail:

But the "GV" lifestyle was interrupted at the end of August, when Gianluca Vacchi was hospitalized for a serious illness, and narrowly escaped death in the hospital. While Vacchi has been kept the specifics of his illness secret, he has made statements that give us clues as to what may have happened.


Whatever his illness was, Gianluca Vacchi almost didn't make it. On his Instagram, he posted: "When you risk your life everything has more value , the grass is more green and the sky is clearer. " He also thanked brunette bombshell Giorgia Gabriele for being the one "my column in these days with her sweet love," getting him through the difficult period.

Giorgia Gabriele later said that Vacchi had an extremely high temperature and a lot of swelling. He was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fascitis, which he apparently got when he was using a needle to remove a hair or pimple.

According to Gabriele, 70% of people with this condition don't survive. But Vacchi did, and now he's better than ever. You can read about his homecoming here.

Secret #4: He and Giorgia Gabriele did commercials for the Bank of Georgia

Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele's dancing hasn't just captivated the Internet. They've also gotten the attention of the international business community.

In fact, the Bank of Georgia (the country, not the US state) decided to do a Christmas commercial starting the two of them.

In the commercial, Vacchi and Gabriele dance one of their favorite dances, with Vacchi dressed in a robe and Santa hat, and Gabriele in a dress.

Gianluca Vacchi secret #3: In addition to being a dancer, he is an accomplished DJ

Gianluca Vacchi has a lot of talents. Among them is one talent you may not expect: Vacchi is an acomplished DJ. He has DJed many events, both public and private. One of the largest events that he has DJed was the New Years Eve party at the swanky Swiss hotel Ultima Gstaad. The party, known as the "Gatsby Party" was filled with celebrities and cost nearly $1000 just for one ticket.

Secret #2: He and Giorgia Gabriele have been together for years but aren't married

Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele are seen together everywhere. Be it dancing, traveling, or partying, Vacchi and Gabriele are nearly inseparable.

But surprisingly, Gabriele is still just Vacchi's girlfriend. The two have had a pseudo-engagement but they still have not made any public plans for a marriage.

They have, however, discussed children. Both Vacchi and Gabriele are looking to have a child together, according to Italian magazine Libero Quotidiano. Gabriele says that it's every woman's dream to be a mother.

Secret #1: Where does his money come from?

Gianluca Vacchi received most of his money through inheritance. In the 60s, his father founded (and built up through acquisition) a mega-corporation called IMA. The company, which is currently worth more than $2 billion, according to The Squander, is a conglomerate that has brands in food production, pharmaceuticals, and vehicles. The Squander estimates that Vacchi is now worth around 400 million Euros, which is around $450 million US.

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