Gianluca Vacchi Escapes Death, Leaves the Hospital Like a Superstar

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Italian playboy and Internet superstar Gianluca Vacchi nearly died in the hospital this week, but he was able to recover and return home to his mansion in Bologna -- in a way only GV can.

Gianluca Vacchi is known for his wild antics and over-the-top lifestyle. When not sailing the seas in his yacht, relaxing in his oceanfront mansion, or partying with bikini-clad models, the multi-millionaire spends his time promoting the hedonistic "GV" lifestyle.

Some days ago.. @gianlucavacchi #me #GG #us #gvlovestyle

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Gianluca Vacchi Survives Severe Illness

But the "GV" lifestyle was interrupted at the end of August, when Gianluca Vacchi was hospitalized for a serious illness, and narrowly escaped death in the hospital. While Vacchi has been kept the specifics of his illness secret, he has made statements that give us clues as to what may have happened.

In an English statement, he said that he "suffered the attack of a bacterium that has caused a huge effort both personal and of the medical staff to be defeated." This indicates that he had some sort of infection -- which is corroborated by the IV tubing seen on his arm.

In his statement in Italian, however, he didn't reference bacteria or infection at all -- and after exiting the hospital, he is seen with a cane and a bandage around his shin, which would not necessarily be indicated for an infection.

Vacchi's English isn't perfect, so the English statement may have been worded incorrectly. The upshot: it is unclear what exactly Vacchi had.

Whatever his illness was, Gianluca Vacchi almost didn't make it.

On his Instagram, he posted: "When you risk your life everything has more value , the grass is more green and the sky is clearer.

" He also thanked brunette bombshell Giorgia Gabriele for being the one "my column in these days with her sweet love," getting him through the difficult period.

Update: Giorgia Gabriele Recently Revealed All About Gianluca Vacchi's Mystery Illness -- See What She Said

Gianluca Vacchi Returns Home in GV Style

But the most amazing part of the story was how Gianlucca Vacchi left the hospital and returned to L'Ermita, his mansion in San Lazzaro, Bologna, Italy. He posted a video of his return to Instagram.

With U2's Beautiful Day as a soundtrack, he lands in his private helicopter in front of a sea of cheering staff, some of whom tear up when they see Vacchi. You can see the video here:

After Vacchi and Giorga Gabriele exit the helicopter, his security detail and his friends come up to give him a hug. Here they are inside the helicopter:

Back home for a couple of days...l'Eremita is waiting for us #gvlifestyle

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But the helicopter entrance was only part of the welcoming. Here we see Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele being escorted across the grounds of L'Ermita in Vacchi's several hundred-thousand dollar custom Mercedes G-class, with a big welcome sign overhead.

Thanks Raffa @raffaellazardo for the welcome back gift. We love you

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We wish Gianluca Vacchi and family the best during his recovery! Hopefully, he'll be back to dancing soon.

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