The Flash Season 5 Episode 9 'Elseworlds Part 1' Review

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I have been enjoying The Flash season 5 lately, but episode 9 may have been my favorite episode of the entire season. Not only was this week's episode action packed, but it was also very funny and humorous too.

This week's episode starts with the villains as a bad guy by the name of 'The Monitor' let's an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist named Dr John Deegan to pretty much change the reality of the two main stars of Arrow and The Flash.

In this new reality, Earth 1's Barry Allen is now Arrow and Oliver Queen is now The Flash!

I think the acting was perfect in this episode as Stephen Amell tries his best not to laugh whenever he's inside The Flash suit.

It was also funny at the start when Oliver Queen looks so surprised that Iris West is kissing him.

Grant Gustin also looks very happy and comfortable whenever he dons the Green Arrow suit.

Barry Allen also knows that something isn't right with the world, so the two have to meet each other to figure out what the heck is going on.

Every other character from Star Labs acts as if both Barry Allen and Oliver Queen are crazy.

They don't feel as if anything is wrong and they wrongfully put them both in prison for a short while.

That is until the pair figure out their own powers and escape in order to get more clues on why this is happening in the first place.

Iris West is the first character to know something is wrong because Barry Allen reminds her of something from their childhood.

Iris felt a real connection with Barry so she allows him and Oliver to both escape to Earth 38 where Supergirl and Superman live.

In Earth 38, The CW revives the Smallville theme song because both Kara Danvers and Clark Kent are in the town of Smallville with our first look at Lois Lane.

It is explained in this episode that Superman was off world in Argo City which is why we haven't seen the character in a long time.

As Clark Kent and Kara are talking, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen come crashing through to tell the pair what is going wrong.

Thankfully the reality of Earth 38 is intact, so only Earth 1 has been affected by this life swapping change!

In this reality, Barry Allen has to act angry all of the time if he's going to be effective with a bow and arrow.

As for Oliver Queen, he has to learn to be happier if he wants to tap into The Flash's better powers!

Cisco thankfully vibes over to Earth 38 and Team Flash finally believe the pair's crazy story thanks to a confession from Iris West.

Earth 1 is in trouble from a robotic bad guy called Amazo. Amazo is dangerous because he can steal the powers of any he sees.

Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and even Superman and Supergirl all go back to Earth 1 to stop this huge robot. They use all of their powers in an awesome climactic battle to beat Amazo.

It's cool to see Superman again since this version of the character hasn't appeared in a few years. Likewise, Melissa Benoist always plays Supergirl with a nice smile on her face.

Even though they beat Amazo, the heroes still need to fix both Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. They cannot live with each other's powers any longer because things will get too awkward.

The episode ends with the team needing to go to Gotham City. We see at the end of the episode that Batwoman will be appearing in the next episode!

Anyway, this week's episode of The Flash is my favorite of the entire season thanks to the humorous acting from both Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell.

Grant Gustin looks pretty cool in the Green Arrow suit, but Stephen Amell looks lost when he's donning The Flash suit.

Two more episodes will be out by the end of the week so we'll know the conclusion in a few day's time. Things will continue with new episodes of Arrow and Supergirl.

Verdict: 9.0/10

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